Modern Warfare 2 bug is stopping players from gaining XP

Modern Warfare 2 Gaz and Price with XP symbol
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 Gaz and Price with XP symbol
Credit: Activision

The current state of Modern Warfare 2 continues to spark plenty of debate among players loading into the action. While Infinity Ward attempts to rescue Warzone 2 from the gulag, the developer’s sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare also has its fair share of problems.

With Season Two reportedly delayed for a few weeks, players believe recent updates have broken the game while leaks continue to unveil details on a fan-favourite mode finally making a return.

The latest bug impacting numerous players is preventing players from gaining XP after completing a challenge during a match.

MW2 daily challenge XP bug ruining matches

After completing the daily challenges, Reddit user DarkThorsDickey quickly realised that their efforts to earn some extra XP were in vain. The challenge completion box appears and instead of revealing the rewards, they’re greeted with a zero.

Players were quick to share the potential reasons behind the lack of XP on offer from daily challenges. “Once you hit 250 the journey is over,” reveals one user that’s hit the level cap for Season One. After confirming DarkThorsDickey was only level 204, the issue surrounding the lack of XP remains a mystery.

The delay to the second seasonal update means there’s a possibility of zero-XP challenges disappearing altogether in addition to other issues affecting players. Aside from a popular game mode returning, information on what Season Two has in store is unknown.

Expectations among players are high and if Infinity Ward fixes the issues alongside providing plenty of new and original content, the chances of Modern Warfare 2 experiencing a slight resurgence are high. While we wait, it’s probably best to double-check if daily challenge rewards are counting towards your XP total.

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