Latest Modern Warfare 2 update has 'broken the game'

Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and angry sniper
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and angry sniper
Credit: Activision

Since launching last October, Modern Warfare 2 has experienced its fair share of game-breaking bugs and issues. Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward, players continue to encounter problems impacting their experience.

As attention turns to the launch of Season Two, a small update prior to the next dose of seasonal content went live for PC players and although it doesn’t contain any significant changes, the most recent patch is causing havoc.

Rather than addressing existing issues with the game, MW2 users are struggling to load into the game after downloading the update much to their annoyance.

Is Modern Warfare 2 broken?

On January 10, numerous reports surrounding the inability to load MW2 on PC started to emerge. Reddit user HBizzle claims the ‘new update has broken the game’ completely. “I’ve just done the new update and now I can’t even load the game without it crashing.”

It turns out the player wasn’t the only one receiving error messages when attempting to drop into multiplayer. “I get stuck on ‘disk write error’ and then after I restart my PC, it launches once and then crashes after a few seconds.”

Thankfully, the problem isn’t affecting all Modern Warfare 2 players. One user says they managed “to complete a match of Invasion without issue,” suggesting something could have corrupted the 300MB download.

Is there a fix?

With players receiving a range of error codes preventing them from loading into the action, a surefire fix for the problem is somewhat difficult to find. However, if you’re experiencing issues on your PC, a safe option is to perform a full reinstall of the game. It might take a while, but you’ll be back to dominating Shipment in no time at all.

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