Iconic Modern Warfare 2 game mode confirmed for Season Two

Modern Warfare 2 iconic game mode return
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 iconic game mode return
Credit: Activision

There are plenty of game modes available to play in Modern Warfare 2. Ranging from the classics of Team Deathmatch and Domination to more unique offerings such as Prisoner Rescue, there are modes to suit all styles of play.

As the start of Season Two approaches, the community is starting to grow tired of the current selection despite Infinity Ward providing weekly updates to inject a breath of fresh air into the playlist rotation.

Thankfully, the developer has revealed an iconic game mode from previous Call of Duty titles is on its way back and it’s the perfect alternative to the more popular offerings.

Infected returning in Modern Warfare 2

On February 3, Infinity Ward revealed the iconic Infected game mode is coming to Season Two much to the delight of fans looking forward to the next seasonal update.

Amongst the endless waves of “W,” there are several wondering whether another fan-favourite mode is also returning. “Gunfight I’m begging you,” replies @MavriqGG. It appears that they’re not the only ones wanting to see Gunfight back in the rotation. “The lack of gunfight is a big reason why I am not playing the game,” comments another frustrated fan.

Although there aren’t any signs of Gunfight returning yet, the upcoming addition of Infected is bound to prove popular. The mode sees one player attempting to ‘infect’ the rest of the lobby by scoring a kill. Players can win by infecting everyone or by surviving until the time runs out.

The confirmation of Infected returning is one of the first pieces of multiplayer content arriving in Season Two. It’s believed that there are five new weapons appearing over the course of the season alongside a brand-new battle pass and new Operators to unlock. Despite plenty of content, there are players claiming Infinity Ward is prioritising Warzone 2 over the success of Modern Warfare 2.

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