GTA Fans Outline “Useless” Elements of Criminal Enterprises Update

A screenshot of Los Santos in GTA Online.

A screenshot of Los Santos in GTA Online.

As proven by the mixed reaction to the latest report about GTA 6, GTA players are a pretty hard-to-please bunch, with the recent Criminal Enterprises update proving to be no exception to this rule.

Then again, perhaps it's unsurprising that people who've spent hundreds of hours grinding the Cayo Perico heist to generate the necessary funds to buy half of the cars in Los Santos have high standards.

Regardless, a number of GTA Online’s elite have decided to take to Reddit and outline which of the new update's features they’re baffled at the inclusion of.

Sure, the Cars May Be Cool, But Why Can I Do This?

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user LordSundeIII, who asked the simple question: “What was the most useless thing about this update?”

The top answer to this query came from user claymundo, who pulled up in a long car to say: “The ability to request a limousine from Tony. You have to drive it yourself and it doesn’t even have working headlights. I already own a Patriot Stretch. Utterly useless”, to which Non-Vanilla_Zilla replied: “You have to drive it yourself? You could already get one from SecuroServ.”

Meanwhile, some players seemed to suggest that they might struggle to afford a chauffeur right now thanks to the low monetary rewards of the update’s missions, with user Lucyintheye sarcastically saying: “Thanks ULP, now I can buy three new shirts or afford a few days (hours) of property fees.”

Also under fire was one of the new tools you can use to shoot your way through these missions, with user Neutronium57 saying of the new precision rifle: “It's not a heavy sniper without a scope, because it deals less damage. It's not a marksman rifle with more damage, because it's not semi-auto. It's not a stealth sniper for closer ranges, because it can't equip a silencer. What is it actually good at besides creating a $400k hole in my bank account?”

Also filed under the buyer’s remorse category were low-grip tyres for motorcycles, with user MrDogeMP4 exasperatedly admitting that putting them on: “does nothing.”

On the other hand, some users were unhappy about not being able to buy an IAA uniform to match their new job status, having to resort to glitches in order to fulfil their roleplaying needs.

Regardless of whether you’re happy with the new content, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates.

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