GTA Players Have Mixed Reactions To GTA 6 Report

A screenshot of Los Santos in GTA Online.

A screenshot of Los Santos in GTA Online.

Between a new GTA Online update and some rumoured details about GTA 6 being unveiled in rapid succession, you couldn’t blame GTA fans if they decided to take a few days to let everything sink in.

However, instead, many have taken a break from grinding heists, battling with griefers and buying all of the new content to give their views on the fresh info regarding the series’ next entry included in yesterday’s report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

With some substantial departures from the norm apparently in store for GTA 6, the Rockstar rabble seem very intrigued.

Fans React To Report About Long-Awaited Game

On ResetEra, users generally reacted positively to the idea of at least one of the game’s apparent multiple protagonists being female, with KDC720 saying: “That's cool. Rockstar never exactly wrote women well in most of their games, but Red Dead 2 was such a huge step up for them writing-wise and had some very strong female characters so if they can bring that into the next GTA, it should be good” and Kadzork adding: “it's about damn time.”

User The Albatross offered a though analysis of all of Rockstar’s previous protagonists, suggesting that Red Dead Redemption 2’s Sadie Adler could be a good character to base this new protagonist on by saying: “she begins as vulnerable and at risk, and through the story/actions in the game, becomes this ultimate (bottom kicker).”

One aspect of the report which garnered more cyclical responses is the setting, with Miami seemingly serving as a starting point to be expanded on in future updates, leading user oni-link to observe: “I mean, it's good if it makes crunch less of an issue, but it also sounds like the game might not be complete at launch, and going full-service game doesn't really seem to reduce crunch elsewhere in the industry as far as I'm aware.”

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This area also proved controversial on Reddit, as a thread concerning the news in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours saw user DeadlyDY muse reading the promised updates to the map and missions: “Yikes. Fingers crossed that it'll have a good single-player story from the get-go. Hope they don't (not focus on) the story and integrate GTA online elements into the main game.”

Meanwhile, user c_will reacted negatively to the supposed changes to the game’s satirical elements outlined in the report, jumping to the conclusion: “This won't feel like previous GTA games, unfortunately. That raunchy, satirising overtone is integral to GTA games. And I say that as a minority myself that has loved that aspect of previous games.”

On the other hand, another user argued: “There’s a great line in this piece that I completely agree with: which is basically how can you satirise America when it’s basically already beyond parody of itself at this point?”

Regardless of what your own thoughts are on the future of Rockstar’s car stealing extravaganza, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content is released.

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