GTA Online player receives wholesome support after wondering if they’re too old to play

An image of a old man in GTA Online.

An image of a old man in GTA Online.

While many GTA Online players have spent so much time grinding away in Los Santos in quests to become the richest business mogul or simply to dominate the tennis minigame that they might feel pretty old, the game is generally still thought to be a playground for the young.

After all, each new update likely still brings a fresh planeload of newbies who’ve finally been deemed worthy of playing Rockstar’s crime simulator by their parents, while the number of veterans who’ve been playing the game since 2013 dwindles as people get bored and move on to pastures new.

In the case of one GTAdult, their age has become a bit of an issue during recent sessions, with younger players trolling them because of it, leading them to ask Reddit if they’re just too old for this kind of thing.

GTA Online’s elder statesmen and women defend player from abuse by Xbox kids

The thread in the GTA Online subreddit which this developed into began with a post from the poor player themselves, user M4taylor, who explained that they’ve recently picked up GTA Online in a sale and, upon using their mic during a heist, had been made fun of by their peers for being 32 years old, leading them to wonder: “Am I so out of touch that I really am old and shouldn't be part of this game?”.

The overwhelming response from their GTA peers was that they definitely should keep playing, with a bunch of older players coming out of the woodwork to offer M4taylor some support, including the likes of user Yaethe, who said: “I'm 36. Kids will laugh at each other for having different coloured hair. Ignore them, they're idiots.”

User HelmeFurSchildkroten also went in on the GTA kids, saying: “As far as I know Rockstar never mentioned an age cap for playing GTA Online. Last time I checked though, at least 50% of the players seemed to be too young to be legally allowed to play it”, to which M4taylor responded that the Call of Duty series suffers from the same issue.

Meanwhile, user Jodlan revealed: “I’m 54 and I play every day”, leading M4taylor to reply: “I'll never stop playing games but I think I'm growing out of Barbie Horse Rise Adventures on my classic Xbox.”

User RY3BR34DM4N gave some advice to help improve the GTA experience, saying: “I turn off voice chat. I’ve been called every slur & derogatory term under the sun enough for one lifetime. If you really wanna voice chat with people. join a Discord (server).”

On the other hand, user MindlessAd9668 suggested paying a visit to the colourfully named subreddit r/kidsarefuckingstupid whenever Los Santos’ junior residents start getting to you.

Regardless of whether you’re a kid or if you’re stupid, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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