GTA 5 mod brings F1-spec racing circuit to Los Santos

An image of the racing circuit in GTA 5.
Credit: Gogol210 on

An image of the racing circuit in GTA 5.
Credit: Gogol210 on

While GTA Online’s races are always popular among those not consumed by the desire to grind away at heists and business sales, they certainly aren’t perfect.

After all, despite non-contact races being added to the game a while ago via an update, there’s still that chance you’ll end up in a full contact race against someone who’s more interested in headhunting your bumper than finishing first.

Thankfully, modders have stepped up to bring the creative twists and turns of GTA Online’s myriad of interesting tracks to the game’s single player, allowing you to enjoy them solo or with friends via another mod.

Fancy a GTA race without any angry randoms to punt you off?

One of these mods is called ‘Big formula circuit (Menyoo)’ and is the work of modder Gogol210, who has previously bought a taste of horror to game via a scary forest and some real-life jobs.

This time, though, they’ve channelled their inner Hermann Tilke and built an F1-standard racing circuit high in the sky above the sea east of San Andreas.

Bordered by some interesting scenery in the form of a state of the art pit complex and grandstand, in addition to some trees and houses by the side of the track itself, the circuit is a maze of long straights separated by tight hairpins and sweeping bends, making it a challenge even for those whose GTA driving is of a professional standard.

Naturally, for those playing alone, it’ll probably be best used as a test track, a safe haven to hone your skills, give a freshly customised or modded ride a shakedown, or both at the same time.

However, if you’ve also got RAGECOOP-V, the mod that brings co-op multiplayer to GTA 5’s single player, installed, the opportunity is there for you and some friends to host your own races without any of the interruptions that GTA Online might throw your way.

Don’t worry if you’re looking to stage this race on a track that’s a little more stunt-focused either, as either of zamalone’s ‘The Casino Track [Menyoo]’ or MostafaKH’s ‘Stunt Race Challenge 11 – All vehicles’ will provide exactly that.

However, if it’s Gogol210’s circuit that piqued your interest, you’ll need to grab ‘Script Hook V’ and MAFINS’ ‘Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]’ beforehand.

So, pimp your ride, pull up to the start line, and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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