GTA 5 mod brings co-op multiplayer to the game’s story mode

An image of the GTA 5 co-op mod in action.

An image of the GTA 5 co-op mod in action.

Ask a GTA player what to do if you want to play the game with friends and odds are they’ll probably point you in the direction of GTA Online.

However, depending on who you’re asking, this recommendation might come with a series of warnings about the heavy grind required to afford the best new items added via updates or the inescapable presence of griefers endeavouring to make your life miserable.

For one group of modders, these hang ups have been deemed so grievous that a newly updated mod has been created, which allows people to play together in the game’s story mode.

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The mod in question is called ‘RAGECOOP-V’ and is the work of a group of modders including Sardelka and EntenKoeniq, who’ve banded together to make their dreams of a griefer-free GTA Online a reality.

Their mod will offer you a chance to “complete missions together with your friends, use mods without any restriction/getting banned, or just mess around,” with the second of these options possibly being the most appealing to those who’ve learned to tune out GTA Online’s biggest issues.

From driving around in realistic cars, to spawning in all kinds of props to set up insane stunts or just working nine to five jobs together, adding in some other mods could make for a pretty endless range of possibilities.

If the first of those options appeals to you, grabbing ‘RAGECOOP-V Race Resource’, an optional file which helps to facilitate the same kind of checkpoint races that make up what is arguably GTA Online’s most popular game mode today, might be a good idea.

Another way of making your co-op experience feel more like GTA Online would be to download a trio of mods by modder HKH191, ‘Working MOC in SP’, ‘Working Avenger in SP’ and ‘Working Terrobyte (After Hours)’, all of which bring some of the more complex vehicles added in GTA Online updates to single player, in full working order.

The requirements for those three mods are all listed on their mod pages, but for the base version of the co-op mod, all you should need are ‘Script Hook V’ and ‘Community Script Hook V .NET’.

So, grab some mates, plan out some fun activities, and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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