Final Fantasy 16 fans gear up for release by sharing how they got into the series

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A character from Final Fantasy 16.
Credit: Square Enix.

While some of them might think they’ve seen too much of it prior to release, Final Fantasy fans will probably forget all about their apprehensions when Final Fantasy 16 finally releases tomorrow.

Though many will no doubt be spending every waking hour between now and the game's release reading as many reviews as possible or racking up more hours in its demo to make sure they’re an expert at its combat.

On the other hand, some have been trying to avoid spoiling the sense of wonder they’ll inevitably experience upon jumping into the game for the first time by playing through already released titles in the series or discussing aspects of it instead, with one group having decided to combine the two.

Are you hyped up to get your hands on Final Fantasy 16 tomorrow?

The nostalgia-fuelled chat in question can be found in a recent thread on the subreddit r/finalfantasy by user _Jub_Jub_, who kicked things off by declaring their excitement for Final Fantasy 16 and asking their fellow fans: “what was the first Final Fantasy game to release after you became a fan, and what was it like?”

They went on to describe their experience getting into series via Final Fantasy 7 during the pandemic-affected summer of 2020 and then playing Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker on release with a gang of friends and “just having an amazing time”.

Naturally, the post garnered a number of wholesome responses, many of which came from people who’ve been around since the early days of the series.

One such user was NecessaryAvocado4449, who revealed: “As soon as I read about [original] Final Fantasy in Nintendo Power, I got super hyped, [I] don't remember exactly when my parents got it for, but I was obsessed over that game. [It’s] still my most played Final Fantasy. I've played through [it] at least 30 times in the past 32 years.”

Similarly, user Redstorm8373 picked out Final Fantasy 6 as the entry that “blew [their] mind,” having gotten into the series via Final Fantasy 4 and named a pet turtle after a character from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Others, much like _Jub_Jub_, admitted to being relative newbies, with one, user Antuzzz, sharing that 16 is the game that’s attracted them to the series and adding that they plan to play through most of its previous entries at a steady pace before delving into the new release.

Regardless of whether you’ve been trying to scythe your way through several of its predecessors before diving Final Fantasy 16, make sure to follow us for updates on and an array of helpful guides for both it and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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