Final Fantasy fan completes 30 year quest to finish all mainline games just before 16 arrives

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Final Fantasy 16 alongside Final Fantasy's pixel remaster.
Credit: Square Enix.

While some of them might think they’ve seen too much of it prior to release, Final Fantasy fans will probably forget all about their apprehensions when Final Fantasy 16 finally releases this week.

For those who don’t want to spoil the sense of wonder they’ll inevitably experience upon jumping into the game for the first time by reading previews of what it has to offer or jumping into its demo, the quest has been on to find other things to do and discuss during the intervening period that can still get them hyped up.

In the case of one veteran fan, the answer has been to go back and finish off an odyssey through all of the series’ mainline games, which they kicked off all the way back in the early 90s.

Have you been returning to retro games from the series in order to hype yourself up for Final Fantasy 16’s arrival?

The player in question, user LeBronBryantJames, has chosen to celebrate the end of this quest by dedicating a post on the subreddit r/finalfantasy to it, which they kicked off by revealing: “I started with [the first] Final Fantasy around 1990, when it first came out, and just finished Final Fantasy 9 today, [meaning I’ve] completed every mainline game [in the series] except [for] the two online ones, 11 and 14.”

“With Final Fantasy 16 coming out this year, and most of these titles available on PS Plus, I’ve [finally] finished the last four games I’d never completed [15, 10, 12, and 9] within the past several months,” they added, sharing the rather jumbled order in which they’ve completed the games.

They continued: “A big part of my motivation to finish [this quest] [was] because I'll [become] a dad later this year, so wanted to finish some gaming before focusing on other things, as I feel like I won't have time later. Although I hope when my kid gets older, I can introduce her to the Final Fantasy games.”

Also included in the post were breakdowns of which of the games from the run they’ve re-played the most often, enjoyed the most, and liked more than they thought they would, as well as a list of their favourite characters from the series.

Naturally, the comments saw a number of fellow fans congratulate them on their achievement and share their own tales of trying to work through the series, while others recommended LeBronBryantJames consider taking on Final Fantasy 14 and some of the series’ spin-off games next.

Though, they seem to have their sights set on trying to scythe through the Dragon Quest games instead.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to get caught up on the series while you wait for Final Fantasy 16, make sure to follow us for updates on it and an array of helpful guides as soon as it arrives, as well as more info on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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