Final Fantasy 9 remake is “real and happening,” claims Jeff Grubb

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Some characters from Final Fantasy 9.
Credit: Square Enix/Nintendo.

While some of them might think they’ve seen too much of it prior to release, Final Fantasy fans will probably forget all about their apprehensions when Final Fantasy 16 finally releases later this month.

For those who don’t want to spoil the sense of wonder they’ll inevitably experience upon jumping into the game for the first time by reading previews of what it has to offer, jumping back into one of the series’ array of previous entries to battle bosses and spend time with iconic characters seems like a wise choice.

If the first game you reach for when planning out a nostalgia-filled FF session is Final Fantasy 9, according to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, you might be in with the chance to dive into a re-made version of it at some point soon.

Are you hoping to get your hands on a Final Fantasy 9 remake at some point in the future?

Speaking to guest Lex Luddy on his Game Mess Mornings show, Grubb spoke about some games mentioned in an Nvidia leak from September 2021 which have since been confirmed to be real or have been released, including Helldivers 2.

Getting onto the topic of the Square Enix games included on the leaked list, Grubb said: “I heard very recently, once again, that [the] Final Fantasy 9 remake is real, like that is real and happening.”

Responding to a question from Luddy regarding the possibility of such a remake adopting a similar style of combat to Final Fantasy 7’s remake, Grubb responded: “I think that’s probably the right move because [it means] the remake series can sort of be the evolution of that kind of combat and then the main line [series] can have is Devil May Cry [style combat] going forwards.”

He also added that he wouldn’t expect a remake of FF9 to be as “ambitious” as FF7’s, leading to the possibility of its combat bearing more similarities to that of the original title it’d be based on.

Reaction to these comments on the Final Fantasy subreddit has seen some fans announce that they’ll be remaining sceptical on the game’s existence until it’s officially announced, while others voiced their preference to see other games in the series, such as Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy 8, receive the remake treatment ahead of nine.

Regardless of which old school Final Fantasy title is top of your remake wishlist, make sure to follow us for updates on Final Fantasy 16 and an array of helpful guides as soon as it arrives.

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