Final Fantasy fans debate the series’ hardest main story bosses ahead of Final Fantasy 16's arrival

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A boss fight in Final Fantasy 16.
Credit: Square Enix.

While some of them might think they’ve seen too much of it prior to release, Final Fantasy fans will probably forget all about their apprehensions when Final Fantasy 16 finally releases in just under a month.

For those who don’t want to spoil the sense of wonder they’ll inevitably experience upon jumping into the game for the first time by reading previews of what it has to offer, the quest has already begun to find things to debate with fellow fans during the intervening period.

If you’re trying to stop yourself from being dragged into a fierce argument over the changes designed to set this latest entry apart from its predecessors, you might want to check out another discussion currently unfolding on Reddit.

Which of the Final Fantasy series’ litany of bosses has caused you the most anguish?

This bout of battle-based banter can be found in a recent thread on the subreddit r/finalfantasy, which was kicked off by user clock_door posting their list of the toughest bosses encountered during the main stories of each entry in the series to this point.

Their nominations ranged from the original Final Fantasy’s Chaos to 13’s Barthandelus, with only 15 not recovering a content pick, as clock_door instead argued: “(I) love the game but there (are zero) hard bosses (in it).”

The comments saw a number of fellow fans submit their own lengthy lists of hardest bosses, most of which were similar to clock_door’s in terms of the earliest and most recent games, but deviated slightly towards the middle, for example, by opting for Zeromus over Baigan for four.


Others simply opted to argue for inclusion of specific bosses, such as user TheNerdFromThatPlace, who said: “My vote for 10 is Yunalesca. Even with a good setup, one wrong move and you're dead. With Seymour (Flux), you can kind of predict his moves better and plan for it.”

The thread on the Final Fantasy subreddit.
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Meanwhile, some have simply shared stories of memorable encounters with the bosses being mentioned, such as Nsea18, who recalled: “I remember my first time beating Seymour Flux. Pretty much everyone was low on health and he was getting ready to use Total Annihilation. So I decided to have Kimahri use self-destruct and it was able to beat him. I laughed about that for a while afterwards.”

Regardless of whether you’re planning on having another go at some of these fights to see if they’re as hard or easy as you remember while you wait for Final Fantasy 16, make sure to follow us for updates on it and an array of helpful guides as soon as it arrives.

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