Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Summer Game Fest trailer leaves fans with plenty of timeline-based questions

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Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Credit: Square Enix.

While some of them might think they’ve seen too much of Final Fantasy 16 prior to its release later this month, Final Fantasy fans certainly can’t complain about the amount of games Square Enix is delivering to them.

From the aforementioned next entry in the mainline series, to the Pixel Remaster series released earlier this year and even rumoured titles like the Final Fantasy 9 remake, as fans on social media are pointing out, it’s a great time to be into FF right now.

Containing trailers for both Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Summer Game Fest has only added to this feeling, with the latter especially having left fans overflowing with an array of questions and enough intrigue to power several murder mystery novels.

What did you think of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Summer Game Fest trailer?

Naturally, following the reveal of Rebirth, which is set to arrive in early 2024, to close out the show, fans on the subreddit r/finalfantasy quickly set up a thread to house discussion and analysis of the trailer, which you can watch below.

While some of the comments simply revolved around people being hyped up about seeing characters like Bugenhagen, whom user ZenkaiZ joked is “about as old as the average FF7 fan,” or the fact the game will come on two discs, many contained analysis or speculation based on what was shown.

“Story-wise, I guess we are confirmed [to see the events] up through Cosmo Canyon, any sharp eyes spot any further? Present day Nibelheim? Was the Turks fight happening in the mansion?” asked user withgreatpower, leading xnerdyxrealistx to respond: “I didn't notice any locales past Cosmo Canyon, but it could go quite far into the story considering it's on two discs.”

Meanwhile, user In_My_Own_Image said: “I wonder if Cid, Vincent or Cait will be in this too? I should think at least one of them [will be].” Herofactory45 asked: “Is it just me or does Elena literally have the same face as Reunion Cissnei?” and Shade01 set off a debate by enquiring: “Is Tifa…dead?!”

The aspect of the trailer that seems to be garnering the most attention is it opening, which looks to showcase the aftermath of a tornado and is seemingly being interpreted by many fans are suggesting could be evidence for some timeline-based shenanigans, possibly linked to a scene from Final Fantasy 7 remake involving Cloud and Zack.

Regardless of whether you’re currently knee deep in wiki articles trying to piece together the significance of everything shown in the trailer, make sure to follow us for updates on Final Fantasy 16 and an array of helpful guides as soon as it arrives.

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