Does the Final Fantasy 16 demo progress carry over?

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ff16 demo progress
Credit: square enix

Final Fantasy 16 promises to be one of the best gaming experiences of 2023. Those interested can already try out the demo for it, with one question lingering - will Final Fantasy 16 demo progress carry over to the main game? The Square Enix tentpole franchise is known for featuring vast and densely populated worlds with creative storytelling and, most importantly, plenty of side content to tackle.

Even if FF16 is focused more on being a fast-paced action RPG rather than boasting a massive explorable open world like XV, you will still need to set apart around 40 hours to tackle the main story alone, not taking into consideration all the side content, according to game director Hiroshi Takai. If you're still on the fence regarding FF16, especially considering all the highly anticipated games still scheduled to come during the remainder of 2023, the recently released demo might convince you to give it a shot.

Still, you might be wary of having to replay hours of gameplay once the full release happens if you do decide to invest your precious time into the small sneak peek Square Enix has provided to fans. Lucky for you, we have some great news regarding the FF16 demo progress carrying over to the main game.

Does Final Fantasy 16 demo progress carry over to main game?

final fantasy 16 playable demo
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Credit: Square Enix
FF16 will follow the story of Clive Rosfield

During the Final Fantasy 16 showcase on June 11, Square Enix confirmed a demo for the game would be available to PlayStation 5 users on June 12.

All progress made in the playable prologue demo, which lasts roughly around two hours, will carry over to the main game. So if you're lucking to start your FF16 journey earlier, be sure to boot it up.

On the other hand, if you don't want to spoil yourself on any important early story beats, then you might want to skip it since the demo will feature all the initial cutscenes and gameplay tutorials you'll get to experience on June 22, when FF16 officially releases.

Since a big chunk of the prologue is heavy on cutscenes, Square Enix also gave fans the ability to unlock a second gameplay-focused demo, with access to abilities and other features you'll find once you invest time into upgrading Clive, the main character of FF16, in the full release.


Any progress you make in this portion of the demo won't carry over since it's just meant to give fans a taste of possible builds and ability combos you'll be able to pull off once you invest time and skill points into the various talent trees available in FF16.

We'll have more FF16 content as the release approaches! In the meantime, get to know the main cast of characters that will join Clive in his journey across Valisthea.

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