Final Fantasy 16 length - How long does it take to beat?

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Final Fantasy 16 Clive Rosfield

Naoki Yoshida recently gave an interview about Final Fantasy 16, so now we can definitely determine the Final Fantasy 16 length.

Are you waiting to play the new Final Fantasy 16 and don’t know how much time it will take to beat the game? We wrote this guide to help you and give all the necessary information. Let’s start!

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How long does Final Fantasy 16 take to beat?

Yoshi-P, a director and designer of Square Enix game company, recently gave some information to Famitsu about how much time gamers will spend to beat Final Fantasy. According to him, the main story part of the Final Fantasy 16 game will take you around 35-40 hours for an average gamer.

This time can vary if you try to discover all the hidden features and side quests of the game. Naoki Yoshida added that if you like to watch cutscenes to feel the game’s atmosphere, or want to pass the game to 100% completion, you may spend more than 75-80 hours in the game. The game producer wanted to make a 20 hours main story, but, luckily, changed his mind.

Someone is using a lightning spell in Final Fantasy 16.
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Final Fantasy beating time

As we said earlier, the main story of Final Fantasy 16 can take about 35 hours to complete. Older games in the Final Fantasy series have the same numbers: 35-40 hours for the main story, and 75-90 hours to beat all game’s challenges. Thus, every Final Fantasy fan will be satisfied by the amount of content present in the game.

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