Is Final Fantasy 16 an MMO?

Final Fantasy 16 promo image showing the main character.

Final Fantasy 16 promo image showing the main character.

With the game almost upon us, fans want to know whether Final Fantasy 16 is an MMO. Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most anticipated titles of 2023, and Square Enix is preparing for the game’s launch this summer. It has been seven long years since the release of Final Fantasy 15, and fans are eagerly waiting to experience what Square Enix has in store for fans of the franchise.

In this guide, we'll look at whether the game is single-player only, or more of an expansive MMO like FFXIV. That's alongside a bit more background on the newest game in the long-running RPG franchise!

The upcoming Final Fantasy title will offer an “expansive” skill tree and it might be the most ambitious game in the franchise yet. The game will also use full motion capture and English voice actors. You should also check out the first Final Fantasy 16 announcement to re-live the hype surrounding the game.

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Is Final Fantasy 16 an MMO?

When Final Fantasy 16 was first announced, there were concerns within the community that the game will be an MMORPG. Despite Final Fantasy 14 offering an excellent experience to MMO fans all over the world, a lot of fans of the franchise want more single-player titles from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 16 is releasing for PlayStation 5 and PC and will be a standalone single-player RPG produced by Naoki Yoshida, who worked on Final Fantasy 14 and Dragon Quest X. The game is being directed by Hiroshi Takai, who also worked on Final Fantasy 14 with Yoshida.

Therefore, the key thing you need to know is that Final Fantasy 16 is definitely not an MMO. Just like Final Fantasy 15, it's a single-player focused game where you'll take in the expansive story all on your own.

Final Fantasy was introduced with turn-based combat, and we have seen plenty of changes to the gameplay over the years. The franchise has been moving towards real-time action and fans are hoping that Final Fantasy 16 does not disappoint in that department. The party members will be driven by AI, and perform various combat functions on their own.

At The Game Awards 2022, Yoshida revealed the newest trailer “Revenge”, which highlights the protagonist Clive’s motivations within the story. Some of the most iconic summons of the Final Fantasy franchise will be present in the upcoming game.

The game is set in the fictional world of Valisthea, and there are six major realms with their own “Mothercrystals”. Players will get to explore all of the realms and will be tasked with combatting the incoming Blight that threatens to destroy the once-peaceful world.

For more Final Fantasy content, check out when the Final Fantasy 16 release date is. Alongside that, read up on all the Final Fantasy 16 characters announced so far.

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