26 Jul 2021 12:12 PM +00:00

Final Fantasy 16 Will Use Full Motion Capture And English Voice Actors

Following the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI last year, details regarding the next episode have remained somewhat scarce.

But it seems as though development for XVI is progressing along steadily, as interesting details regarding voice acting have come to light.

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Final Fantasy 16 Will Use Full Motion Capture And English Voice Actors

XVI producer, Naoki Yoshida spoke to the Japanese outlet, Washanaga about the production of the forthcoming chapter.

Yoshida mentioned how XVI has been recorded using English actors first:

We’ve been prioritizing English voice recording. And we’re specifically doing it in British English. We’re using facial capture, so later on, we won’t have to adjust by hand each of the faces during cutscenes.

This marks a departure from the development of previous episodes in the series, as Japanese voice acting were usually favoured before other languages. However, given the medieval setting for XVI, it makes some sense for its foundation to lie in English.

Yoshida also discusses how the game has innovated its cutscenes by using full motion capture to animate character expressions:

And it’s full capture, as in, the motion capture actors are also doing the voice acting simultaneously. Well, we’re not doing it for every single cutscene though. But anyway, that’s why English dubbing has progressed the most. The Japanese dubbing will start soon.”

This marks a change to Final Fantasy VII Remake's use of AI-generated character models and expressions.

Final Fantasy XVI is due to release exclusively on the PS5 and PC.