Skyrim streamer takes on viewer-submitted quest to tastefully redecorate Dark Brotherhood shack

Joov next to a mansion from Skyrim.
Credit: Joov on Twitter.

Joov next to a mansion from Skyrim.
Credit: Joov on Twitter.

Those who love Skyrim have done a pretty miraculous job of finding ways to continually evolve, expand and reinvigorate their playthroughs in the years since the game was first released into the world.

Many on PC have done so by downloading mods, which can change the Bethesda RPG by adding the likes of cosy player homes, Elden Ring-style headwear, and multiplayer functionality to it, with a few even going as far as replacing Meridia’s beacon with some bacon or making Nazeem look beautiful.

Though, thankfully for those on console, you don’t necessarily need to rely on access to this massive ocean of community-produced add-ons to find new ways to have fun in Skyrim, as a streamer has recently proven.

Do you think this streamer did a good job of sprucing up Skyrim’s most infamous shack?

The Twitch and YouTube personality in question, Joov, did so during his return to streaming following a short hiatus, deciding to dive into a new concept for his first broadcast back.

Having previously come up with his own ideas for unorthodox methods of playing Bethesda games, including region-locking himself to specific areas and randomising the destinations all of the game’s doors, this time he's turned things over to the mystical whims of his audience, tasking them with designing quest prompts for him to try.

The first of these mysterious missions came from a viewer named Ted, who tasked Joov with collecting a bunch of miscellaneous décor items from the game world and using them to redecorate the abandoned shack used by Astrid during the Dark Brotherhood quest ‘With Friends Like These…’.

Having accepted the goal to “spruce up the Abandoned Shack for tasteful execution” and created a snooty Altmer interior designer to play as, the streamer launched into the playthrough, carving through Helgen and then out into the open world, while picking up any décor items that crossed his path.

From here, the stream alternated between exploration to acquire more decorations and visits to the shack to carefully place all of this homely junk in positions that improved the ambience.

By the end, the shack actually looked like it might fetch a pretty decent price once Astrid stops using it to store scared civilians, with the likes of a wolf pelf welcome mat, plenty of food and Aventus Aretino’s family heirloom having been added to it.

Regardless of whether your Dragonborn is now heading off to try and revitalise a draughty cave with some Dwarven urns, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the interesting world of Skyrim modding. You can also check out our mods of the month for February 2023.

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