How big is the Final Fantasy 16 map?

Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16.

Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16.

Whenever you buy a new RPG, it’s important to know the size of its world, and today we will tell you how big the Final Fantasy 16 map is. This franchise is known for its large worlds you can explore, and it seems that the upcoming game will be no exception.

Also in this article, we will mention a couple of details about Final Fantasy 16's world and its structure. There are some features you might be interested in, such as a central hub.

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How big is Final Fantasy 16’s map?

Well, we can’t say for sure how big the Final Fantasy 16 map is. The game has not released yet, so it’s hard to figure out the exact size of its world. However, we do have some information about FF16’s structure and the way you’ll have to explore the map.

The game doesn't have an open world, and each location is separate from the others. You can move between them, as well as visit a kind of hub called Hideaway. In this location, you will be able to buy new items, upgrade your equipment, and start various missions.

As for the size of the locations, the developers mentioned that there are at least four areas measuring two by two kilometres. This information will not help us figure out the exact size of the map. But still, it seems that we will get multiple small areas and a few large ones.

Multiple characters are next to the waterfall in Final Fantasy 16.
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Will there be dungeons or secret locations in Final Fantasy 16?

According to the information we have so far, there will be locations that we can call dungeons. However, the game won’t spoil us with the secret dungeons that some of the most popular FF projects are famous for.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released this summer and we are looking forward to this project. It’s a bit disappointing that the game doesn’t have an open world, but the developers may add a huge map with lots of areas to explore!

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