Final Fantasy 16 release time countdown - How to pre-load

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Clive holding a woman in Final Fantasy 16.
Credit: square enix

Looking for the Final Fantasy 16 release time countdown? Square Enix fans are excited for the upcoming release of what's shaping up to be one of the biggest games of 2023, so players won't want to miss out on how to pre-load Final Fantasy 16 ahead of its release.

Following the story of Clive Rosfield across multiple years, Final Fantasy 16 is an extensive action-focused game that, while not being an open-world, might take some time to download on your PlayStation 5. Luckily, if you've purchased the digital version of the game, one of the many perks you have access to is pre-loading the game, instead of having to wait for your physical copy to arrive and waste precious time getting everything set up.

Final Fantasy 16 release time countdown

The pre-load for Final Fantasy 16 started on June 20, two days before the official release time on June 22. Square Enix didn't give out an exact timeframe for it, but very early on players discovered that you could start pre-loading the game and have it ready to launch in a couple of days.

On top of being able to pre-load Final Fantasy 16, you can also download the day one patch that will help resolve some performance issues, including frame rate dips, if you're looking for a smooth 60 FPS experience.

Final Fantasy 16 release time countdown

Clive in Final Fantasy 16.
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Credit: Square Enix
You can preload Final Fantasy 16 now

How to pre-load Final Fantasy 16

If the demo piqued your interest, you can pre-load Final Fantasy 16 by simply following these steps:

  • Go to the PlayStation store on your PS5.
  • Look for Final Fantasy 16.
  • Purchase either the base or digital deluxe version.
  • Once you confirm your purchase you'll have the ability to pre-load the game.

If you already had FF16 pre-ordered, you simply need to head to your content library and look for the game, open the options menu and select the pre-load option.

One thing to note is that if you have automatic updates turned on in your PS5, the pre-load might have already been installed in your system (if you have space for it), so you don't have to waste time looking for it. So if you're looking for the pre-load option and it's not showing up, this might be why.


The game will unlock on June 22 at midnight in your region. So until then, just sit back and patiently wait for Final Fantasy 16 to come out! Maybe even try the demo, which lets you save your progress for the initial chapter and test out the combat in a later portion of the game.

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