What are the best weapons Final Fantasy 16?

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Clive and the Blacksmith in Final Fantasy 16

The best weapons in Final Fantasy 16 can be pretty easy to spot if you know how to read the game's stats, but it can be quite nice to have a set loadout in front of you for the next boss. Though the game is more linear than traditional Final Fantasy games, there's still a bit of room for a unique loadout.

In this guide, we'll go over the best Final Fantasy 16 weapons, what they do, how to unlock them, and why you should pick them. If you're struggling to put out enough damage, this should help.

What are the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16?

The way you get stronger weapons in Final Fantasy 16 is by interacting with the Blacksmith. Doing so gives you access to more weapons and weapon upgrades. You can find him by the anvil in the Hideaway and talking to him shows a range of weapons and gear which will help you out in the game. Here are some of the weapons you want to commit to as you play through Final Fantasy 16.

The Blacksmith in Final Fantasy 16
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This is the first weapon you will make. It is stronger than your base weapon and not too resource heavy. You can buy it at the shop and can upgrade it with 30 Wyrrite and one Frozen Tear. All of the resources for weapons from the Blacksmith below are earned simply through doing the side and main quests.


The Stormcry is an elemental sword that combines well with your magic. It is a solid choice that does tonnes of damage. This can then be upgraded into the Flametongue with one Fire Shard and one Meteorite, then the Levinbolt with one Lightning Shard and two Meteorite.

You will want to replace this out with the Platinum Sword, which can then be upgrade with one Liquid Flame, 200 Wyrrite, and 40 Magicked Ash. It is a super solid choice that you can then upgrade as you get on further. From here, you can follow the line set in front of you at the blacksmith to incrementally upgrade your loadout all the way up to the Defender near the end of your first playthrough.


You are constantly incentivised to use your resources so don't worry too much about saving them!

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