Elden Ring streamer takes on two Dark Souls playthroughs at once using dance pad and controller

Streamer MissMikkaa alongside a character from Dark Souls.
Credit: MissMikkaa on Twitter.

Streamer MissMikkaa alongside a character from Dark Souls.
Credit: MissMikkaa on Twitter.

While they may not have got the massive Elden Ring DLC announcement they wanted out of The Game Awards, FromSoftware fans have still had new content to dig into, with the long-awaited Colosseum providing a fresh challenge for those who’re sick of spending their time thinking about being a giant crab.

However, for the most hardened of warriors, this battle arena clearly isn’t proving difficult enough, with the world of streaming, infamous for producing the likes of drawing pad and one-handed runs through games in the souls series, already having featured the likes of dance pad Colosseum sessions.

In the case of streamer MissMikkaa, the newest method of dialling up the difficulty in these titles is to take on two playthroughs simultaneously using different controls for each, as she’s currently doing in Dark Souls Remastered.

Have you ever tried a Dark Souls challenge run this bizarre?

Having recently finished a run through Elden Ring using this bizarre setup, MissMikkaa didn’t face quite the same steep learning curve in terms of controlling movement during the opening stream of this latest challenge.

That said, her chance of earning a successful no-hit run came to an end fairly quickly, with a gang of skeletons downing the dance pad-controlled character while the streamer was en-route to acquiring the Zweihander.

Recovering from this minor setback, MissMikkaa began to progress through the game pretty rapidly, soon running into the infamous Solaire of Astora and kicking off his quest.

While it also featured run-ins with a couple of other NPCs, this first foray into the run seemed to be more focused around becoming more powerful and getting comfortable battling regular enemies.

Her next stream of the run was a little more boss-heavy, featuring a protracted battle with the Bell Gargoyle, whose massive fire attacks proved incredibly troublesome when trying to concentrate on two monitors simultaneously.

Following a few hours of frustration, the creature finally fell to MissMikkaa’s blade, allowing her to move on with the run and even defeat another boss in the form of Moonlight Butterfly before calling it a day.

Odds are the streamer’s progress will continue over the next few days, with her having even alluded to giving other FromSoft games a go using this control scheme by saying: “In terms of doing this [run] on all [of the] Souls games, I’m pretty confident about Dark Souls one, two and three, [plus] Bloodborne, as long as I get [the hardware] I need to play Bloodborne.”

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to become the first person to beat Sekiro on three devices at once, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Elden Ring’s newest addition.

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