Call of Duty complaints department - July 2023

Screenshot of Call of Duty player on white background, Homelander with glowing eyes, and Sgt. Pspsps Operator
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Call of Duty player on white background, Homelander with glowing eyes, and Sgt. Pspsps Operator
Credit: Activision

The month of July is upon us, which means the Call of Duty complaints department is back in business once again. This month was packed with leaks, frustrations, and updates for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. Although the yearly cycle is starting to wind down, there's plenty that's getting on the nerves of players dropping into the action.

July saw the arrival of Season 4 Reloaded in addition to the arrival of superheroes from Amazon Prime's The Boys. Despite the discovery of a new close-range meta, fans were quick to quick to brand it as "the worst of all-time."

With that said, what else is grinding the gears of Call of Duty players this month? Before we reveal all the intel, take a look at our guides showcasing the best Warzone SO-14 loadout and information on how to unlock the Nicki Minaj Operator.

Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player holding SMG and speaker icon on white background
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Credit: Activision / Vecteezy

5. Strange Shipment sounds

Before attention turned towards the start of Season 5, several Modern Warfare 2 players continue dropping into the iconic Shipment map for some fast-paced action.

During matches, an in-game audio glitch ceases all gunfire before an eerie reverberating noise disrupts the action.

Screenshot of server room and Call of Duty player aiming down sights of gun
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Credit: Activision / Pexels

4. Time for a reset?

Throughout Season 4, Warzone players experienced constant stuttering and lag, much to their annoyance. The issue became so bad that one player called upon Activision to perform a full server reset in a bid to fix the problem.

Thankfully, a full reset wasn't necessary, as the developers managed to fix the performance issues to ensure a smooth gameplay experience for PC players.

Screenshot of Call of Duty Homelander Operator and Warzone player falling above Vondel map
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Credit: Activision

3. Superpowers are gone for good

In Season 4 Reloaded, superheroes from Amazon Prime's The Boys dropped into Vondel, along with a brand-new field upgrade that granted players a selection of game-changing superpowers.

After a brief period of Homelander's laser eyes shredding through the opposition, superpowers made their way out of standard battle royale playlists. For those still wanting to make the most of Temp V, there's another way to do so.

Screenshot of Call of Duty Captain Price and Ghost highlighted in red
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Credit: Activision
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2. Call of Duty 2023's confirmation

In at two for July is Activision confirming Call of Duty's plans for 2023. Following a number of leaks revealing various details on specific game features, a leak showing Monster Energy packaging with the Modern Warfare 3 logo appeared.

Shortly after the leak, Call of Duty's Twitter account confirmed weaponry and Operators will transfer over to the new release.

1. The purr-fect Call of Duty character?

Taking the top spot in July's complaints department is one of the most unique cosmetic items to ever feature in a Call of Duty title. The Sgt. Pspsps bundle hit the store, transforming Reyes into a cat.

As expected, the bundle was quick to split the opinions of fans. On one hand, some were embracing the arrival, while others were quick to note a cat running around the battlefield is a far cry from the realistic mil-sim content.

The Call of Duty complaints department is now closed for another month! We'll return in August with another look at what's caught the attention of CoD players loading into the action. Maybe we'll have some more Modern Warfare 3 intel? We'll have to wait and see.

Before you go, check out our guides showcasing how to unlock the Oz Operator and the best Warzone Cronen Squall loadout.

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