Call of Duty cat skin divides player opinion

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Screenshot of Call of Duty cat skin holding gun and Ghost staring
Credit: Activision

Whether it's those dropping into Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone's legion of sharpshooters, Call of Duty players have never been shy about making their voices heard.

The latest yearly cycle has had its fair share of issues to gruble about, ranging from "unplayable" server performance to audio glitches causing chaos on Shipment. With Season 5 about to kick off, many players are just hoping the this cycle ends on a high before Modern Warfare 3 arrives.

Since their launches, both Modern Warfare 2 and the latest iteration of Warzone have featured a wealth of playable Operators, including characters from The Boys and NBA legend Kevin Durant. However, the latest arrival to multiplayer and the battle royale is splitting the opinions of players a bit more starkly than usual.

Call of Duty Sgt. Pspsps Operator divides fans

The latest store bundle to release is Sgt. Pspsps, which transforms the Reyes Operator into a cat, complete with its own military uniform and a set of unique weapon blueprints.

On one hand, there are players that are already intending to spend some CoD Points on the bundle, but on the other, some are unhappy the franchise is moving away from its gritty mil-sim aesthetic.

One player in a Reddit thread abut the skin argued: "It's a bad thing because at the core of CoD, specifically the Modern Warfare titles, is (a) grounded experience based off (of) the military atmosphere of that time."

Despite the feline-themed Operator straying away from the usual dose of tactical outfits, there are plenty of players ready to drop in rocking one of the most unique skins ever seen. "I'd honestly prefer 100% mil-sim content, but, at the same time, I just can't pass this up," said one in the thread.

Alongside Sgt. Pspsps, the bundle includes two weapon blueprints and a variety of customisation items that enable players to stand out from the crowd even more than they would just by running around a battlefield as a cat.

Despite the criticism, Sgt. Pspsps is bound to prove popular and with all Modern Warfare 2 cosmetics confirmed to transfer over to Modern Warfare 3, feline fighters are here to stay.


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