Warzone fans brand game "unplayable" due to lag despite recent update

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Screenshot of Warzone player firing gun while crouched and server room with lights on
Credit: Activision / Pixabay

Season 4 of Warzone hasn't been going too well so far. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, Call of Duty's battle royale has struggled to address a number of bugs and some periods of sub-standard server performance, both of which have been frustrating players.

With the final weeks of Season 4 Reloaded now underway, a gas glitch continues to impact the Vondel gulag, while some community members have been asking for a full server reset in order to try and fix the game's performance problems once and for all.

As attention moves towards what the game's next seasonal update has in store, one fan believes it is currently in an "unplayable" state, despite Raven's attempts to address the stuttering and lag experienced by PC players.

Is Warzone unplayable?

After noticing further stuttering and frame drops, user jax-who has taken to Reddit, claiming that the game remains in an unplayable state.

They revealed: "I can't find one game without severe packet loss. (I've) tried dropping into about five games and all five (were) lagging like crazy. I don't think I have ever seen CoD in a worse spot."

Those dropping into ranked matches are also reporting constant lag spikes. Another player in the thread testified: "(I recently) disconnected from two consecutive ranked matches that were horrifically laggy from the moment we hit the pre-game. (I) lost over 70 SR points."

The continued issues follow a July 21 update to the game aimed at addressing the lag and packet losses experienced by a number of PC players in recent weeks. Judging by player reaction, it appears that there's still work to be done.

Latency issues first appeared when Season 4 Reloaded went live, much to the confusion of many. The exact cause of the problem remains a mystery, but Raven Software remains committed to fixing it before Season 5 gets underway.

For now, we recommend taking a look at the best graphics settings, to rule out any other options that could potentially be affecting your Warzone performance.

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