Warzone superpowers removed from battle royale matches

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Screenshot of Warzone Homelander Operator with glowing eyes and Warzone player parachuting
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty Warzone is no stranger to welcoming the stars of TV shows and movies to its battlegrounds. From Die Hard's John McClane to Scream's Ghostface, the game has been the staging ground for all kinds of crossovers.

As attention gradually turns towards Season 5, a collaboration with Amazon Prime's The Boys has recently seen various Operators inspired by the series arrive in the game, alongside the Temp V field upgrade, which provides superpowers to players dropping into the action.

Since these additions showed up, the ability to eliminate opponents with laserbeams and electric shockwaves has been causing chaos in the game. So, to address player concerns, its developers have now removed superpowers from battle royale playlists.

Warzone devs remove superpowers from some matches

On July 26, Call of Duty's update account announced that the Temp V upgrade has disappeared from standard battle royale matches as part of an update.

Instead of getting rid of the field upgrade altogether, Raven Software has instead given Temp V its very own game mode, dubbed 'Supe'd Up'. Judging by the reaction of players, the decision is a welcome one. "This is how it should have always been," one said in a reply to the announcement, while another called the change: "(The) biggest W of Season 4 Reloaded."

Despite this, some players claim Temp V is continuing to appear in all modes, with one declaring: "This is 100% false, because Temp V is still found in all game modes."

While the removal of superpowers could improve the game's standard battle royale experience, many players are still waiting for another fix to address constant performance issues that have appeared throughout Season 4 Reloaded. One responded to the announcement by saying: "Doesn't matter what the playlists are when my packet loss looks like the first 50 digits of Pi."

The superpowers are likely to disappear altogether once the next seasonal update goes live. According to recent leaks, the game's next collaboration could involve two famous rappers arriving as playable Operators, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.


It won't be long before Homelander's laser eyes are gone for good, but at least there's now a dedicated playlist for those that want a sprinkling of superpowers on their Warzone experience.

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