Warzone players claim Season 4 Reloaded meta is the "worst of all-time"

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Screenshot of Warzone player holding sniper rifle and player holding a pistol with yellow glove
Credit: Activision

Maintaining some kind of balance in Warzone is a tricky task. In a bid to stop certain guns from dominating the action, the game's developers apply fresh buffs and nerfs to its arsenal of weapons on a regular basis.

Since the beginning of Season 4 Reloaded, a new close-range meta has skyrocketed in popularity, as players look for any kind of advantage over their opposition. In less welcome news, a gas glitch has been ruining gulag duels.

As the season continues to progress, one player has claimed that the current meta is the worst it's ever been.

Is the Warzone meta the worst ever?

To demonstrate the broken nature of the Season 4 Reloaded meta, user Rowstennnn has taken to Reddit armed with a video featuring a pair of Basilisk and X13 Auto sidearms.

The short clip shows the player easily eliminating opponents with a minimal amount of Basilisk bullets, before switching to the X13 Auto for the final fight. "I present (to you) the all-time worst meta combination of all-time!" they declared in the post.

Many frustrated fans were quick to agree with the current meta being far from ideal, but some community members believe there have been times when the game's best guns and weapons were even more overpowered. One argued: "There isn't a single weapon in the history of Warzone that comes close to how broken the DMR rifle was."

The DMR-14 rifle dominated the first iteration of Warzone, thanks to its lightning-fast time to kill. For several months, the rifle became the only viable weapon in the game, before Raven Software intervened with several hefty nerfs.

There's a high chance of the Basilisk and X13 Auto receiving similar significant performance downgrades as part of Warzone's next update. For now, though, the current pistol domination is expected to last a little longer.


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