Apex Legends couple who both main Caustic have wholesome real life meetup

An image of some legends in Apex Legends.

When they’re not struggling to aim, being relentlessly beaten by a glitched Gibby or struggling to get over seeing Horizon’s horrific eyes for the first time, the hardened veterans of Apex Legends can be pretty wholesome people.

Sometimes this hidden truth exhibits itself in the form of a spot of altruism towards a new player that needs a helping hand, but, just as often, it takes on a more romantic guise.

The most recent spot of wholesome Apex behaviour to hit Reddit is certainly of the latter variety, with a couple having received a barrage of compliments and heart emojis from their fellow players.

Have you ever bonded with a fellow Apex player over a shared main?

Posting to begin the thread surrounding this heartwarming episode in the Apex Legends subreddit, one half of the pair, user Furdean, shared an image of their meetup with a female Apex buddy, captioning it: “We met on Apex Legends, We both main Caustic, I am (Indian) and she is (Italian), she travelled (over) 6k Kilometres just to meet me, thank you Respawn.”

Naturally, this uplifting tale garnered a bunch of positive responses for other players, with user Dear-Gas-3715 declaring: “God bless you guys!” and bhavneet1996 attempting to summarise the event in Apex terms by saying: “Bro got an heirloom in real life, meanwhile some of us (are) still waiting to get our first set of pixels.”

User Wild-Vanilla-1271, on the other hand, took one for the team by being the first person to joke: “Two caustic mains, that won't be a toxic relationship at all.”, leading Furdean to respond with a joke of their own, saying: “At least we both can still see everything.”

Meanwhile, user lettuce_field_theory asked the inevitable question: “How do you play together when you main the same character? Is it who gets the first pick? How do you decide who gets caustic?”, to which Furdean simply replied: “Mostly I let her pick first, as she picked me (in real life).”

On a slightly less wholesome note, user GovernmentForeign lamented: “You guys are meeting girls. I only meet toxic randoms who die and then abuse. Good for you bro.”, prompting udongeureut to remind them: “Girls often never turn on our mics because we’re tired of getting called slurs and insults for our existence.”

Regardless of whether you think Apex’s toxicity contributes to wholesome stories like this being rarer than they should be, make sure to follow us for more updates on what to expect in Apex Legends Season 15.

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