56-year-old Apex Legends player is still wiping out entire squads

A promo screenshot for Apex Legends.
Credit: EA/Respawn.

A promo screenshot for Apex Legends.
Credit: EA/Respawn.

The hardened veterans of Apex Legends can be pretty good at the game, that is, when they’re not struggling to aim, being relentlessly beaten by a glitched Gibby or struggling to get over seeing Horizon’s horrific eyes for the first time.

However, despite the sheer number of people playing the game right now, it’s often assumed that this audience is exclusively made up of relatively young players.

However, one recent thread on Reddit proves that this isn’t the case, with Apex’s mature masters emerging from the woodwork to discuss their skills.

Have you ever been bested by one of Apex’s old school aces?

Posting to begin this thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, user duncanas69, who streams on Twitch under the title ‘Boomer Gaming’, shared a clip of himself absolutely decimating some other Legends, captioning it: “(I’m) almost 57 (years old), but (I’m) still wiping (out) squads.”

Even the Apex youth couldn’t help but be impressed by his skills, with user ItzLeviosaaa
quipping: “(You’re) better than 95% of my randoms” and VelkaFrey adding that the typical playing pattern of their average teammate is: “lands, dies, leaves.”

Luckily, some were able to issue compliments without resorting to putting down their fellow players, with user Fatal_axecident musing: “More than okay, boomer” and vetyrl saying: “three times my age, three times my skill, great shooting!”

Meanwhile, some fellow older players also directed their praise duncanas69’s way, with user The_profe_061 saying: “As an older member of this community, my cap is doffed in your direction” and BindingTheory adding: “Love to see it. If you ever want to put together a ‘Fraggers Over 40’ squad, hit me up!”

A few seemed to have been inspired to try and up their own killcounts, with 59-year-old user ChipNASA saying: “(Now) I have something to strive for” and BePopovin realising: “Well...I guess I can't use the excuse that I'm too old to be good at shooters anymore.”

On the other hand, one user asked duncanas69 how long he’s been playing FPS games, prompting the answer: “I've played FPS games on and off since the original Wolfenstein 3D in the mid-90s, but other than a couple of months playing on LAN with Counterstrike around 2000, Apex is my first competitive PVP FPS game.”

Regardless of whether you’re an early 2000s LAN party veteran or a new-era battle royale regular, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 14.

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