Apex Legends streamer is attempting a second solo run to master rank using a Gamecube controller

Apex Legends streamer NiceWigg.

When they’re not quoting the game in their school yearbooks or finding love mid-ult, the hardened veterans of Apex Legends can take their battle royale game of choice pretty seriously.

Occasionally this leads to some intense criticism of general gameplay trends, such as a legend’s pick rate decreasing, new or casual players struggling to get into the swing of the game or certain control schemes suddenly monopolising the top of the rankings.

Currently, one streamer is going against the grain when it comes to that last trend, having decided to take a second crack at grinding his way up to master rank using a Gamecube controller.

Have you ever played Apex Legends with old-school hardware?

The streamer in question, NiceWigg, kicked off this run during an eight-hour long stream late last week and has gradually been continuing it in between watch parties for ALGS and Oversight Apex matches.

Despite it arguably not quite being on the level of running through Elden Ring’s infamous boss fights with one hand or using a drawing pad, NiceWigg christened playing with the controller his “hardest challenge” prior to jumping into it.

Although he’d previously played Apex with the controller, the streamer admitted at the start of that first stream: “I don’t know if it’s going to run the same as it did before.”, before heading into the firing range for a bit of practice and do some rebinding of buttons.

In spite of a lot of deaths during the early going and having to duck out of some one-on-one battles he might usually have been willing to take on, NiceWigg’s skills with the controller gradually improved with each game, eventually leading to some pretty impressive kills like the one in the clip below.

Despite some technical difficulties, by the start of his most recent stream, NiceWigg had made it to the silver four rank, so there’s still plenty of road left to travel in his quest to yet again become a Gamecube master.

Regardless of whether you’ll be watching his progress the rest of the way, or are currently trying to acquire a Gamecube controller to attempt the same run with your legend of choice, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 15.

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