Apex Legends players debate suggestion that most top PC players are opting to use a controller

An image of some Apex Legends themed controllers.

An image of some Apex Legends themed controllers.

When they’re not quoting the game in their school yearbooks or finding love mid-ult, the hardened veterans of Apex Legends can take their battle royale game of choice pretty seriously.

Occasionally this leads to some intense criticism of general gameplay trends, such as a legend’s pick rate decreasing, new players struggling to get into the swing of the game or casual players feeling like they can’t keep up.

However, the current hot topic being debated by mains of all stripes concerns how the Apex elite on PC look to be playing the game, with controllers seemingly being more popular than keyboard and mouse.

What’s your preferred control scheme for Apex Legends?

This discussion forms the subject of a recent thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, which began with a post from user Freemantic, who kicked things off by linking to a Twitter post which suggests that, at the time a specific screenshot was taken, players using controllers accounted for 92% of the top 25 PC player rankings on apexlegendsstatus.com/.

Naturally, this prompted a range of reactions from Apex stans in the thread, with fittingly named user AnApexPlayer being unsurprised by the revelation and musing: “I'm not saying controller is better than mouse and keyboard overall, but at those top levels it is better in those closer range fights, and that's where most fights take place. Aim assist most definitely can be overpowered in the right hands.”

On the other hand, user briggs824 used the tweet as an opportunity to argue that: “mixed input lobbies are the worst thing to happen to PC shooters, perhaps ever. Every single PC shooter I've played with mixed input lobbies and support for aim assist devolves into this.”

The majority of the players in the thread seemed to agree with this assessment of the situation, calling on Respawn to rectify it via some matchmaking changes, with user Electronic-Morning76 declaring: “Lock inputs to lobbies. I’m tired of the whining.”

Meanwhile, user COLONELmab took a look at the screenshot and sensed that opportunity had come knocking, joking: “And look....they're all offline....now's my time, I'm gonna swoop in and get me some sweet sweet ranked points!!!”

Regardless of whether you’re now attempting to adjust your Apex playing schedule to match up with the downtime of the game’s best players, make sure to follow us for more updates on what to expect in Apex Legends Season 15.

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