Apex Legends players discuss the biggest gripes they have with the game ahead of Season 18

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Pathfinder with sad face on monitor and Apex Legends player looking down with blue sky in background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

There are various aspects of Apex Legends that never fail to spark debate among players dropping into the action. For example, Season 17 of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has featured a range of bugs and glitches, much to the annoyance of fans.

With attention slowly moving towards Season 18, a Trident bug has recently been granting pilots immunity against incoming gunfire, while a leak has claimed that a brand-new map is in development.

The latest topic of conversation within the game's community concerns the parts of the game that are currently frustrating them the most.

What is annoying Apex Legends players the most?

After sharing their own thoughts in a recent post, user Waste-Hovercraft-151 invited other players on Reddit to share their current frustrations with the game.

“What’s the one thing you really want (to change in) Apex Legends?" they asked, before declaring: "I’ll start, you should be allowed a rematch option (in) limited time modes like Gun Run and Team Deathmatch.”

Others quickly shared their gripes with the current state of the game. One player said: “Honestly, the matchmaking (is mine). They’d do much better at retaining players if most people’s experience wasn’t some (ALGS-style) sweat fest.”

Throughout Season 17, the matchmaking in Apex Legends has been an area of frustration for many. Earlier in the season, players claimed skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) was getting worse and with further mentions of it here, this might be an area the game's developers need to investigate.

Other notable mentions included the current ranked system. Thankfully, an Apex Legends developer has already suggested that changes to this are on their way as part of the Season 18 update, which is expected to arrive in August.

It’s clear that there are several areas of the game that have room for improvement and with its next major update on the horizon, there’s a high chance of Respawn Entertainment making improvements.

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