Apex Legends Trident bug grants players immunity against damage from enemies

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Trident moving over bridge and Apex Legends player holding gun
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Tridents in Apex Legends provide players with a mode of transport that can help squads navigate Olympus and Storm Point as quickly as possible during a match.

As anticipation for the Season 18 update builds, leaks surrounding what could be coming to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale in the future have been emerging, with the latest claiming a brand-new map is in development.

The latest bug impacting players, some of whom have recent been debating whether the game is past its prime, involves the Trident. Those that climb aboard the vehicle during casual and ranked matches are seemingly becoming immune to any gunfire that heads their direction.

This Apex Legends Trident bug is ruining matches

After uncovering the issue during the final stages of a ranked match, user Davided0880 has showcased it to fellow community members on Reddit.

It appears this instance of the bug isn’t an isolated incident either, with another player quickly revealing: “This happened to me last night!”

Davided0880 believes the Trident bug is caused by a glitch involving Fuse’s ultimate attack, which creates a ring of fire that damages nearby opponents in addition to revealing their location. The fan suggests: “The players in the Trident did some glitch with Fuse’s ult, which causes players not to take gun damage.”

While the issue isn't too widespread yet, another player in the thread claims to have heard the Apex Legends team is already looking into it, saying: “I’ve heard from a (Community Manager) that the team is taking a look into this. Hopefully, it’s fixed soon.”

In the meantime, it’s probably worth conserving ammunition instead of attempting to destroy the Trident as it flies around. On the other hand, piloting one could make it much easier for you to become the last player standing at the end of a match.

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