Apex Legends fan claims the game is past its prime

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Wattson looking shocked and Apex Legends Bangalore aiming down the scope of a rifle
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

When they’re not dropping into casual and ranked matches, Apex Legends players are often debating various topics involving Respawn Entertainment’s hugely popular battle royale.

As more information on Season 18 emerges, one developer has confirmed changes are on the way to ranked, in a bid to improve the game’s competitive playlist. Elsewhere, some believe the current time to kill is too fast.

The latest topic of conversation from a fan claims the best days of Apex Legends are behind it, before citing a number of reasons why.

Is Apex Legends past its best?

According to Reddit user ApexLobby, there are a variety of factors why Apex Legends isn’t the game it once was. The fan says: “This game is no longer serious and is probably unrecoverable at this point.”

In addition, they also take aim at the competitive scene: “A serious competitive community would ban certain characters from competitive, but Apex has no serious competitive community.”

Despite criticising other gameplay mechanics, other fans have come to the defence of the game. Another player states: “Gameplay’s fine. It’s the trash servers, atrocious map selection, and the lack of meaningful updates.”

Earlier in Season 17, the Apex Legends peak player count on Steam dropped to a new low of 369,000 with fans citing ranked changes for their lack of interest in the game. It follows a pro player criticising the system after more players than ever before have managed to reach the Master rank.

With Season 18 the next chance for Respawn Entertainment to apply major updates to the game, the frustrations are likely to continue for the remainder of Season 17. The Apex Legends developer often acknowledges player feedback, so there’s always a possibility of adjustments capable of sparking a resurgence.

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