Apex Legends dev confirms ranked changes for Season 18

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Screenshot of Apex Legend player aiming down sights while wearing blue armour and Apex Legends player running while holding submachine gun in right hand
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Season 17 of Apex Legends saw a number of changes to its ranked mode. In a bid to address various aspects of Respawn Entertainment’s competitive battle royale mode, the developer attempted to shake things up with varying degrees of success.

As attention moves towards what Season 18 has in store, fans continue to drop into matches that are filled with bots, while others are encountering a Lifeline bug that prevents them from healing in the heat of battle.

With criticism surrounding the ranked changes still causing debate, a member of the Apex Legends development team has revealed changes are on the horizon.

Apex Legends Season 18 ranked changes

Among the comments of a recent Reddit post, user rspn_exgeniar all but confirmed adjustments to the current system are coming soon.

The developer reveals: “You can definitely expect changes next season.” The revelation was met with plenty of positivity from fans, with one wanting to know the extent of the changes: “What kinda changes, though?”

Information on the changes on their way to Apex Legends ranked won’t appear for a while, but confirmation from Respawn Entertainment is certainly a positive. So far in Season 17, a pro player has blasted ranked as more players score a place in Master division.

For now, one community member is very happy with the news: “Thank you for telling us!”

In addition to ranked adjustments, recent rumours are pointing towards the next seasonal update to include a brand-new Legend, which could shake up the existing meta, along with another dose of weapon balancing that stops the dominance of the Nemesis Burst AR once and for all.

While we wait for more information on the Season 18 ranked changes, take a look at our Apex Legends tier list showcasing the strongest Legends to use for the remainder of Season 17.

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