Apex Legends pro blasts ranked play as more players reach Master tier

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Screenshot showing Apex Legends players firing guns and Apex Legends Masters ranked logo on a black background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The changes made to Apex Legends’ ranked mode in Season 17 continue to split the opinions of players dropping into Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. For example, due to an enhanced focus on final placements, more players are opting to hide in favour of hunting for eliminations over the course of a match.

In addition to these issues, recent leaks have seemingly uncovered a new Prestige skin for a Legend that's dominating matches, while some players want a map removed from ranked play in a bid to combat the campers.

In another dig at Apex Legends’ competitive playlist, one professional player claims that ranked play is in its worst state ever, due to the number of players managing to reach one of its top tiers.

ImperialHai isn't happy with Apex Legends ranked

On June 4, TSM Apex player Phillip ‘ImperialHai’ Dosen, posted a graph that purportedly reveals the percentage of players earning a place in the Master tier, which is one behind Apex Predator.

“After four years of playing, now I understand why all the previous content creators have left the game,” says the player.

To put the numbers into perspective, more players are currently in the Master tier than all of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers below it. According to other members of the community, the changes that have allowed this were made to increase player retention, as people drop in and attempt to reach the higher ranks.

However, ImperialHai says this is only temporary. “I believe that the majority of (the) player base will eventually hit Master and the player base will fall of a cliff all at once, since there’s no more purpose (to playing from) then on.”

It’s unclear if Respawn Entertainment plans on making adjustments to the current ranked structure but for now, it doesn’t look like the system is changing. With Season 18 rumoured to start in August, many are hoping for tweaks in order to level the playing field once again.

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