Apex Legends players demand removal of popular map from ranked play

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Screenshot showing Apex Legends Olympus map and Apex Legends player wearing clown makeup and holding a weapon
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to recent changes to how ranked play works in Apex Legends, players dropping into the action have started adopting a more passive style of play and hiding from foes, in order to earn the most ranking points over the course of a match.

Naturally, the sudden increase in camping that's resulted has led to fans discussing the best squad to deal with them, while others concentrate on their belief that the arrival of a recent update is causing the battle royale to crash more often.

The latest camping-related issue involves the Olympus map, which now contains a spot that’s seemingly impossible to counter. Some believe it’s so overpowered that they’re calling for the removal of the map altogether.

Should Olympus be removed from Apex Legends?

In a bid to stop players from abusing the spot, Reddit user moisesg88 says “Olympus should be removed from ranked” until Respawn Entertainment manages to apply a fix.

The spot is near the tunnel that runs through the centre of Olympus, north of the Solar Array point of interest. It’s unclear how the player in the post managed to climb the structure and take cover to avoid any kind of opposition.

“People should be removed from ranked for doing this,” comments one frustrated player. While there are many in favour of the removal of Olympus, there are some that believe it’s part of the game. “Hate the system, not the player. No matter how annoying it is to some, people will abuse everything the game offers them,” says another member of the community.

Judging by the Reddit post, it’s hard to tell whether the crafty hiding spot is an exploit or a part of the map that’s perfect for making it to the latter stages of a ranked match. Either way, its existence is far from ideal when scoring kills is the aim of the game.

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