Apex Legends Lifeline bug stops players from healing

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Lifeline and Apex Legends Lifline heal drone floating above the ground
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

There’s nothing more frustrating than encountering a game-breaking Apex Legends bug during a match. Whether it’s an overpowered mechanic or just something inexplicable that’s causing the game to crash on a regular basis, there’s never a good time to uncover one.

With the Dressed to Kill event right around the corner, some pro players believe the recent Seer nerf hasn’t worked, while others are still asking Respawn Entertainment to remove a popular map from ranked play in a bid to tackle campers.

The latest bug impacting players involves a popular Legend and the inability to heal in the heat of battle.

Apex Legends Lifeline bug ruining matches

Discovered by Reddit user SledgeSNR, this particular issue impacts Lifeline and her D.O.C Healing Drone, which is failing to function as intended.

Despite the drone connecting to Lifeline in the clip, the health bar in the bottom-left of the screen doesn't regenerate any health. SledgeSNR aid: “This is just two of (the) multiple times this has happened to me,” implying that the lack of healing isn’t an one-time issue.

Thankfully, one member of the community has discovered a workaround for the issue while waiting for Respawn Entertainment to apply a more permanent fix. User deadweight55 revealed: “(The bug) usually gets fixed just by walking (your character) out of its range and back (into it).” So, keep that in mind in case you experience the issue yourself.

As for a more long-term fix for it, it’s unclear if Apex Legends' developer is aware of the problem. If it continues to impact the final stages of matches, there's a strong possibility of Respawn Entertainment releasing a hotfix once the Dressed to Kill event is underway.

For now, it’s worth noting down the issue if you're a Lifeline main or regularly drop into the action with someone who is.

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