Apex Legends pro claims recent Seer nerf hasn't worked

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Screenshot of ImperialHai at Apex Legends event and Seer from Apex Legends wearing a hat
Credit: EA / Respawn Entertainment

Managing to maintain a level playing field in Apex Legends is a tricky task. With so many characters and weapons to choose from, it’s not surprising to see some standing out from the crowd in Season 17.

As part of the Dressed to Kill event, Seer has recently received a substantial nerf, resulting in many players questioning the logic behind the adjustments. Meanwhile, a professional player has revealed their displeasure regarding the current structure of ranked play, as more players manage to reach Master tier than ever before.

This time around, the same pro has shared that they believe the aforementioned Seer nerf hasn’t worked, arguing that it might actually lead the Legend to become overpowered instead.

Has the Apex Legends Seer nerf worked?

During a recent stream, TSM player Philip ‘ImperialHai’ Dosen and team coach ‘Raven’ discussed the changes and claim that Seer has actually received a buff.

ImperialHai says: “They just straight up buffed his (expletive),” after taking a closer look at the Dressed to Kill patch notes. Raven adds: “This character does not seem nerfed in any way at all.”

The Dressed to Kill event commences on June 20, meaning players haven’t yet had an opportunity to test the adjusted Seer and see how it compares to the rest of the available Legends. That said, if the likes of Raven and ImperialHai are already sceptical, there’s a chance Respawn Entertainment’s plan to make Seer weaker has backfired.

For the past few Apex Legends seasons, Seer has been featured towards the top of our Apex Legends tier list, thanks to a passive ability which allows players to hear and see the locations of nearby opponents. With a significant reduction in the range of this power having come as part of the nerf, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the community reacts to the changes.

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