Apex Legends Seer receives huge nerf in Dressed to Kill update

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Seer holding the tip of hat and Seer on a light beige background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Maintaining some kind of power balance in Apex Legends is a tricky prospect due to the sheer amount of characters and weapons available to use. Season 17 is currently in full swing and Respawn Entertainment is continuing to adjust various elements of the battle royale in the hopes of getting it to a state that gives everyone a fair chance.

Ahead of the Dressed to Kill event, one pro player has recently revealed that they aren't happy with the current state of ranked as more players manage to reach Master tier. Other community members aren’t best pleased either, claiming that skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is getting worse, creating less enjoyable casual matches.

Before the latest collection event gets underway, the developers have revealed Seer will receive a huge nerf, leaving those who main the legend unhappy.

Apex Legends Seer nerf coming soon

In addition to a wealth of cosmetic items it adds to the game, the Dressed to Kill event sees Seer on the receiving end of numerous changes that are bound to see them tumble down the pecking order.

Screenshot of Apex Legends patch notes showing changes to Seer Legend
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Credit: Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Judging by the comments on this news, there are several Seer mains that are far from impressed with the adjustments. Twitter user NickleNinja2 says: “What a huge blow to the scan characters. Seer and (Bloodhound) are almost useless now.” With scan Legends now making less of an impact, there’s a high chance of a shift in the meta taking place.

Seer wasn’t the most popular Legend to play as in Season 17, but these nerfs aren’t going to help him rise up through the ranks. Instead of his passive ability allowing him to detect enemies from 75 metres away, its distance has now been decreased to 60, in addition to him losing the ability to cancel a heal or a revive.

The exact reasoning behind the Seer nerf hasn’t appeared yet, but it’s left plenty of Apex Legends wondering what other changes Respawn Entertainment has in store.

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