Apex Legends SBMM is 'getting worse' according to players

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Screenshot of Apex Legends player firing Charge Rifle and Apex Legends player aiming down sights of a pistol
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Skill-based matchmaking, more commonly referred to as SBMM, often causes debate among Apex Legends players dropping into the action. SBMM is designed to create competitive matches, containing players of similar skill, but there are times when the system gets it wrong.

Throughout Season 17, SBMM isn’t the only thing catching the eyes of fans. A recent leak has potentially uncovered a new Prestige skin for a popular Legend while some community members claim a highly-rated Mixtape mode is poorly designed.

When it comes to SBMM, one player is now arguing that the feature is getting worse each season, impacting casual matches.

Is Apex Legends SBMM getting worse?

Reddit user Wattson5715 claims “SBMM for pubs is just getting worse every season” thanks to players focused on racking up kills entering low-skilled lobbies in order to score as many eliminations as possible.

After taking some time to investigate the state of SBMM further, the player believes playing Mixtape matches interfere with the matchmaking for casual battle royale matches.

It turns out, they’re not the only one that’s noticed a change in SBMM during Season 17. One fan says: “This season specifically has been extra sweaty in pubs. At this point, I don’t even know what they can do to fix it.”

On the other hand, Wattson5715’s in-game stats are certainly above average, leading some to wonder why they’re complaining about being matched with players of similar skill. “So, you are a good player complaining that he has to face other good players?” questions one fan that’s not surprised by SBMM working as intended.

It’s unclear if there are issues with Apex Legends' SBMM but for now, its presence is starting to affect those looking for some casual battle royale action. With the start of Season 18 a while away, SBMM looks to continue splitting the opinions of the community.

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