Apex Legends players debate which season is its best ever

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Screenshot of Apex Legends player holding glowing gun and Apex Legends Ballistic standing in front of blue background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Throughout the history of Apex Legends, some seasons, 17 of which have been released so far, have proven more popular than others. Whether it brought the arrival of a new Legend or a much-needed dose of weapon balancing, most of the players still dropping into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale have a favourite update.

With attention turning towards the launch of Season 18, fans have recently been discussing their biggest gripes with the game ahead of the new season, while a Trident bug has been granting some pilots immunity to enemy gunfire.

The latest topic of conversation in the community has seen players take a trip down memory lane. Instead of airing frustrations about ranked play, they're sharing which Apex Legends season is their favourite.

What is the best-ever Apex Legends season?

The debate began when user Dec3ption_ took to Reddit to gather the thoughts of their fellow community members.

They asked: "In your opinion, what was the best season of Apex and why?" As expected, a bunch of players responded by outlining which season the think is the best and providing the reasoning behind their picks. For example, one said: "Season 0. Everyone was terrible and had no idea what was going on but damn, we had so much fun."

Others mentioned the third season of content, thanks to the original World's Edge map's design, with one declaring: "I've been playing every season since release and Season 3 was definitely peak Apex."

Alongside the hugely popular Season 3, many Apex Legends players think Season 4 was up there with the very best. One player reasoned: "It introduced Loba, a really fun PvE feature, (had) great weapon balancing, and undoubtedly had one of the best teasers."

The lack of recent seasons mentioned in the thread is certainly telling. Recent updates seemingly haven't resonated with a good chunk of fans, leading some to claim the game is past its prime. However, a developer has already confirmed ranked changes are on their way in Season 18, so there's a chance the popularity of the early seasons can return.

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