Fortnite Reality Seeds and Saplings: How to Find, Plant, Loot, and Grow

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The Reality Tree in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is underway, and a new area is waiting to be explored. Plus, Fortnite now has Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings to plant and use, courtesy of the Reality Tree.

All the IO shenanigans from the end of Chapter 2 have resulted in a new biome and area to explore named Reality Falls dropping into the new Fortnite map. With it comes new gameplay elements to enjoy as per the usual. The biome is a luscious forest filled with mushrooms, flowers, waterfalls, and more, and the Reality Seeds dotted around are a new loot mechanic you'll want to pay close attention to.

For further reading, here's everything you need to know about the new event, and here are all the changes to weapons, including new ones coming this season.


Where Do I Find Fortnite Reality Seeds?

So, where do we find these mysterious Reality Seeds? Reality Seed pods have started spreading from the Reality Tree. Thankfully, there are reliable locations to find them in Reality Falls, the new biome, including on top of a branch coming off the Reality Tree itself.

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Rather than climbing all the way up there, though, you're freely able to find Reality Seeds in Fortnite by opening up the fruit on Reality Saplings. These are what Reality Seeds become a while after they're planted, and with them persisting across matches, it's easy to loot anyone's tree to get more seeds for your own gain.

Though anyone is free to plant Reality Seeds across the map, most throw them close to where they were originally found, making Reality Falls a very popular spot for Reality Saplins right now. Just land there and you'll have no trouble plucking Fortnite Reality Seeds from the player-planted trees. Just watch out for nearby players hoping to harvest them as well.

Fortnite Reality Seeds are the cornerstone mechanic of the new season.
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How Do I Grow Fortnite Reality Saplings?


To get Saplings, you’ll need a Seed. And to get a Seed, you need to break open Seed Pods. You can do this with any weapon. Hit it a few times and some Seeds will pop out.

Now you can plant them. Select the Seed in your inventory, then move it to where you want to plant it. You’ll need to weed the Saplings every few hours. The Saplings will grow fruits every so often that act as loot chests.

These Saplings have four rarities, which provide loot according to this rarity. This will get better as you look after your plant. Mushrooms can also grow around your plant, which provide it with a shield.

Once you’ve planted a Reality Seed, the Sapling will stay in the same place. By the way, if you pick up a Seed while you’re growing a Sapling, be sure to throw it. It will then teleport you to your Sapling.

There is also a quest that requires you to plant Reality Saplings, which can introduce you to the new mechanics and how to use the plants. Now that you know how to plant Fortnite Reality Seeds, you're all set to tackle the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 1 quests for a boost of XP.