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August 23, 2022: The full FFXIV 6.2 patch notes are in and the massive update is out now.

FFXIV 6.2 is set to launch in August, and a Live Letter on July 1 outlined most of what we're expected to play when the time comes. Until the patch drop happens, we'll be chronicling the update's latest activities; from new raids and main storyline additions, to big islands players can cultivate with their own crops and litter with pets.

With the live letter concluding at the start of July, we're looking at the second live letter in mid-August for the release date, final raid details, and more on the Island Sanctuary mechanic that was teased with the expansion announcement early some time ago.

For more Final Fantasy XIV content (written content, that is), we suggest checking out the Fashion Report outfits this week. Read up on how to get Aglaia coins as well if you're struggling to gear up. Lastly, bookmark our FFXIV maintenance timer page to see when exactly the servers will go down (and back up) in your region on the FFXIV 6.2 patch day.

When is the FFXIV 6.2 release date?

Announced during the August 12 live letter, the latest trailer confirmed suspicions that FFXIV 6.2 release date is set for August 23, 2022. That's not quite the last Tuesday of the month, so we got lucky there.

Final Fantasy 6.2 trailer - English

Though the August 12 Live Letter showed the Japanese FFXIV 6.2 trailer only, the English version arrived shortly after on YouTube. Check it out tomorrow.

FFXIV 6.2 new gear

In a quick segment, Yoshi P showed off several print-outs of the crafted and raid gear sets releasing with 6.2. Some of these even include gear with special visual effects.

For the gear you'll be able to buy with the latest tomestones set to be introduced with the FFXIV 6.2 update, Reddit user MrCombineSoldier has our backs.

Two new mounts in FFXIV 6.2
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FFXIV 6.2 new mounts

Across the second live letter, we were treated to seeing two new mounts in motion: a Mandragora on the Island Sanctuary, and a cosmic blob you can sit inside: which looks like the elementals Y'shtola summoned in the last patch.

There's even this cool rat thing. Its tail glows when it flies.

Fashion accessories added to FFXIV 6.2.
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FFXIV 6.2 glamours, clothes, and fashion items

As is the case with any good patch these days, FFXIV 6.2 added at least two new items to the fashion accessories tab. Expect to buy these with Island Sanctuary tokens.

FFXIV 6.2 patch highlights and features

  • New MSQ quests
  • New Hildebrand and Tataru sidequests
  • New Dungeon
  • New Raid
  • New Unreal battle
  • Variant dungeons
    • 1-4 player dungeons with branching paths and scaling enemies
  • Criterion dungeons
    • Variant dungeons with fixed paths, high-tuned enemies, and additional challenges
  • More duty support dungeons
  • New Adventure Plate and Portrait options (can be tied to gearsets)
  • Double Glamor Dresser side (from 400 to 800 slots)
  • New Tomestones and crafted gear
  • Ability to request repairs in and outside of duties
  • PVP
    • Series 2
    • Crystal Conflict Season 3
    • Rival Wings returns
    • Hidden Gorge returns
    • PVP action adjustments
    • Series One rewards available to claim until the end of Series Two

FFXIV 6.2 features all of what you see above and a whole lot more. We've detailed everything down below, but the list above gives you the general idea.

What isn't clear just yet is which features will only arrive in subsequent patches like 6.25 and 6.28. Some features were set for those patches specifically, but others weren't specified.

FFXIV 6.2 patch notes

As usual, the FFXIV 6.2 patch notes are far too long and large to include in our already massive patch page. Instead, just click through to the FFXIV 6.2 patch notes page on the official game website to check them out.

The Island Sanctuary art from FFXIV 6.2.
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What is the FFXIV 6.2 patch title?

One of the first things to be announced during the live letter was the FFXIV 6.2 title - Buried Memories. The developers didn't really reveal any major details regarding the story, though, so we're not sure what it alludes to just yet.

FFXIV 6.2 main scenario quests

The humanoid with the hand-covered eyes shows up. That's all we're getting for now. Yoshida teased whether they're a boy or a girl, but explained they didn't want to spoil anything ahead of time, so don't exact and more details for a long while yet.

The FFXIV 6.2 dungeon is The Fell Court of Troia.
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FFXIV 6.2 dungeon and lore

  • The Fell Court of Troia

Another callback to Final Fantasy IV, the Fell Court of Troia dungeon suggests that we'll be giving an elemental crystal over here, likely summoning the trial mentioned below in the same way it happens in the earlier Final Fantasy title.

FFXIV 6.2 side quests (and 6.25)

  • Tataru's Grand Endeavor continues
    • Complete Shadow of Mhach first
  • Somehow Further Hildebrand Adventures in patch 6.25 (about two months after 6.2)
    • Weapon enhancement quests (patch 6.25)
      • Unlocked via Hildebrand
      • Legendary Manderville weapons
      • Quest-centric progressions with updates through the 6.X series
      • Godbert and Geralt working together

In sidequest territory, both the Taturu and Manderville quest lines will continue. Tataru will require completion of the Shadow of Mhach storyline first, and the Hildebrand questline will unlock upgradable Hildebrand weapons we'll work on throughout the Endwalker expansion patch cycle.

The Omicron mount in FFXIV 6.2.
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New tribal quests - 6.25

  • Omicrons

the Omicrons are the Tribal Quest this time around will help Gatherers level up and earn Tribal currencies for things like the new mount above. These won't arrive until 6.25, however, which should come around two months after 6.2 itself.

FFXIV 6.2 trials

  • ?????
  • ????? (Extreme)

To nobody's surprise, the upcoming trials haven't been named. It's expected to be on the of the elemental thrones from the Knight in Black cutscene, though.

FFXIV 6.2 raid

  • Pandaemonium: Abyssos
  • Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage)

The main raid scenario will see Pandaemonium return for wing two, bringing four new boss battles for eight-player teams to work through. The actual bosses are being kept secret until release.

Savage is coming one week after the release of 6.2. It's just a test based on player feedback, so whether or not subsequent "World First Race" content will be delayed by a week (or more) going forward depends on how it's received.

FFXIV 6.2 job/class adjustments

  • "no major overhauls, but minor adjustments to several jobs"
  • PVE adjustments
  • PVP adjustments
  • Postponing of extensive Astrologian and Dragoon job adjustments

Though no details have been announced beyond vague Critical and Direct Hit adjustments, the team vowed to explain their reasoning behind job/class changes in the patch notes going forward.

The Critical/Direct Hit changes are there to address issues regarding buffs, debuffs, and attributes related to them not resulting in the expected effects.

Major adjustments to Astrologian and Dragoon have been delayed, but minor changes will come in as usual. They'll be listed in the patch notes typically releases the day before launch.

Sephirot in FFXIV 6.2
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FFXIV 6.2 Unreal trial - Sephirot

Returning from the Heavensward expansion, the first of the Warring Triad - Sephirot - is set to be the next Unreal trial battle.

Get ready for a stellar soundtrack and a load of chicken nuggets. Proximity damage from Earthshaker and the tanks dying in the add phase were all mentioned, so whether they're coming back, vanishing, or being tuned higher or lower is something we'll need to wait and see with.

New duty support dungeons

  • Snowcloak
  • The Keeper of the Lake
  • Sohm Al
  • The Aery
  • The Vault

A bunch of dungeons from late-ARR to early/mid Heavensward will have NPC support added in, which should also add some story flavour text as well for the Archons you choose to have with you.

Solo quest battles

  • The Steps of Faith

One of the final trials of ARR will finally get solo quest support, making one of the more troublesome expansion blockades much easier for new players to get through them.

Revamped duties

  • Thornmarch

Cited as often being the first eight-man raid players take on, the developers admitted that the Thornmarch mechanics were confusing, annoying, and could cause a lot of headaches for experienced players being queued up with an army of newcomers.

We don't know how it'll be adjusted yet, but expect the fight to lose its one-shot mechanics and enrage effects.

Variant and Criterion dungeons (6.25)

  • Variant Dungeon - Sil'dihn Subterrane
    • A branching-route dungeon for teams of up to four players
    • Enemy strength scales on party size
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  • Another Patch: Criterion Dungeons
    • A set-route version of Sil'dihn Subterrane for four players
      • One mode limits the number of times KO'd players can be raised with spells and items
      • A harder mode allows for unrestricted Raise/Ressurect uses but resets the dungeon on a team wipe and has enemies get stronger over time

Announced a little while back, Criterion Dungeons are finally arriving, with them being tuned higher and Variant dungeons taking the place of the originally announced Criterion dungeon system.

Rather than being returning earlier dungeons, they'll be new dungeons added throughout 6.X (though not every patch).

Variant dungeons offer branching paths to teams of up to four players, with Criterion dungeons offering a high-difficulty non-branching version for four-players. Savage versions bring even more challenging. Raise works, but can only be used a set number of times, and monsters stay dead if there's a team wipe.

Matchmaking can't be used in Savage, and Raise can be used as many times as you want. All monsters respawn if the party is wiped. After a set time, the remaining enemies are buffed as well.

Island Sanctuary size and details

  • Build a base
  • Gather materials
  • Care for creatures
  • Expand facilities
  • Craft items
  • Let your minions loose

You won't need to have leveled any crafting or gathering classes to complete the content in there. It's a casual experience. The items you gather won't clutter your inventory, either: they're limited to just the island.

The plants you cultivate are also different to the ones you grow on estate land. Rare colourings and unique critters are found there as well, and you can name the animals you find. You can build a base of operations, expand it, and shape it how you want.

The size of the island was teased briefly with a shot of the beach. The dot on the sand is a Roegadyn.

On the island, you live out a Tycoon-type experience, creating handicrafts and selling them to meet demand for island-specific currencies used for special items. Any of your favourite minions can be let loose on the island, and friends and free company members can visit as well.

In the August stream, it was revealed that you could have up to 40 minions on the island at any one time.

FFXIV 6.2 will delete all current Adventurer Plates and Portraits, replacing it with a streamlined system that allows for unique ones for each gearset.
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Adventurer Plates and Portraits

  • New poses
  • New decorative features
  • Individual plates for gearsets
  • Camera and pose settings can be copied
  • All current plates and portraits deleted for 6.2

After one patch, it's leaving beta. Portrait linking will change: portraits will make it in before 6.2, and you'll be able to set unique Adventurer Plates and Portraits to specific gear sets: that way you'll be able to have one for each of your classes as well.

Gear used during portrait creation is used rather than the current gear you have equipped.

Originally, it was announced that any plates would be reset with the move from the beta version to the full release, but the August live letter clarified that any plates saved to a gear set would carry over.

FFXIV 6.2 new tomestones and miscellaneous additions

  • New high-IL crafted gear
  • Request repairs from other players in and outside of duty
  • Branching view of combo actions
  • Rare materials added to aetherial reductions for miners, botanists, and fishers
  • Glamour dresser capacity expanded from 400 to 800
  • Return to Ivalice quests Makin' Bacon (Bread) and Wok on By removed

Allagan Tomestones of Causality will be added as the top-end currency.

Graphics updates and new settings

In anticipation of the FFXIV 7.0 graphics update, a few of the features are coming in 6.2 This includes the following

  • Optimized graphics processing
    • "Will alleviate drops in framerate under heavy GPU load"
  • Dynamic resolution
    • Automatically adjusts game resolution to maintain a target frame rate

Check back here for more Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 content as the reveals keep coming.

As stated above, the majority of it comes via the Live Letter stream, but smaller chunks will slip out as the weeks leading up to launch come and go. Don't have the best emote in the game yet? Check out how to get the FFXIV Wall Lean emote by clicking that link.

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