FFXIV Fashion Report This Week - Outfits and Answers for FR232

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Welcome to the glamorous world of the FFXIV Fashion Report this week. This weekly Gold Saucer mini-game turns glamour into serious business. You're not competing head-to-head like an episode of Next Top Model, but you are competing to have a guide in a scary mask give you more MGP than you get for racing giant chickens.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report this week focuses on a new theme, bringing fresh challenges and the need for the game's self-proclaimed fashion police to deduce a way to shmooze the panel without. Some clues are repeats of previous weeks, however, so if you're a serial fashionesta, you could already have some required pieces.


Just diving into patch 6.1 this week? Our FFXIV 6.1 quest locations page can get you up to speed. And if you're looking to have the new Ultimate fight on in the background, our FFXIV World First race page highlights the streamers you should be watching.

Table of Contents

FFXIV Fashion Report This Week - Gear and Dyes for Anonymous Acrobat

Gear Slot Gear
HeadAdamantine Barbut Of XXXXX
BodyMoonfire Halter
LegsThavnarian Tights
FeetScion Adventurer's Boots

A new FFXIV Fashion Report drops each and every week and has done for many years now. Each time, the theme changes, and the clues for each major gear slot do as well.

Clues can repeat, however, taking some of the mystery out of the initial challenge if you're able to cast your mind back to the last time it was teased. And if the same clue is appearing until a different slow, you know you're looking for another item with the same set piece. Easy, right? You'd be surprised.

The Fashion Report clues only cover a select few gear slots. This is how you'll get the majority of the points you need to score the big MGP rewards, but you'll need to fill in the other slots with suitable gear as well - at least something similar with the right colour scheme. That's where things can get tricky.


Until the community has had a week to sift through the thousands of equipable items and figure out the best combination of goods, the table relating to the FFXIV Fashion Report this week above should be taken with a ginormous grain of salt until the final day. If you need the absolute highest MGP payout, wait until the last day to strut your stuff.

A staged screenshot of a character gliding through the air, showcasing a potential outfit for the FFXIV Fashion Report this week.

What Is The Fashion Report?

The Fashion Report in FFXIV is a weekly mini-game that gives a named theme and sees players find an outfit that scores the most points to win. The higher the score, the more MPG that you’ll be rewarded with for you to spend at the Manderville Gold Saucer; this includes exclusive items such as mounts.

In all honesty, the best score to get is over 80. The scoring goes to 100, but 80 will still net the full amount of winning. To enter, players must submit their outfits for judging after 12 am PT/3 am ET/7 am BST. The judging will close the next Tuesday. This is when the theme resets, too.

How Do I Unlock The FFXIV Fashion Report? - FFXIV Fashion Report Location

This mini-game does need to be unlocked, as it is not available from the get-go. To do this, players need to complete the ‘Passion for Fashion’ quest. This is found in the Wonder Square area. It will be accessible to players 15 and above.


Once unlocked, the weekly Fashion Report theme will automatically update each Tuesday. If you're confident, you can present your outfit to the grader three times before assessment closes on Friday evening. With MGP rewards for 60, 80, and 100 points, you'll earn the difference back if you manage to improve your score with subsequent attempts.

Two characters sitting, showcasing potential outfits for the FFXIV Fashion Report this week.

Tips For The FFXIV Fashion Report - How To Get Cheap Dye

Here we will share some tips so you can get the best score possible, with some shortcuts.

Firstly, it is recommended to have some form of gear in every available slot, as this gets seven points in the FFXIV Fashion Report, even for slots without themes. This does not include the off-hand slot, though.

Another handy tip is to use dye to get more points without spending more time and effort than necessary! Changing the colour of items is so much more convenient than hunting for or paying for a new item. The majority of dyes can be found for cheap. There are dyemongers in the following areas:

  • Alaric – Old Gridania
  • Frine – Ishgard, The Pillars
  • Nanabe – Ul’dah, Steps of Thal
  • Tokohana – Hingashi, Kugane
  • Unsynrael – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks

Similar to dyes, Glamours can also help to boost scores for the Fashion Report. These appearance-changing features can trick the system to think you have the correct theme and type of item. Equipment is needed for this and can be picked up from suppliers in Old Gridania, Ul’Dah, Steps of Thal, and Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.

FFXIV Fashion Report Scoring

To bag the best amount of MGP, players should aim to get 80-100 as a score for the Fashion Report. Anything above 80 doesn’t make much difference but once the 80 mark is hit, it's a sure-fire big win.

Players can earn 60k MGP; 10k for just taking part, and 50k for a high score above 80. Using some MGP buffs can make the total even higher!

The scoring goes as follows; each category will earn between six and ten points for the theme being correctly matched. The colour of items also matters as it will earn a bonus point - two points if the right shade is selected.

We'll slowly update this guide with step-by-step details for each item as the week progresses. For now, though, there's a lot to catch up on with Final Fantasy XIV for patch 6.11. Slide our FFXIV maintenance timer into your bookmarks to avoid any downtime timezone nonsense, then get reading on why we think the mysterious FFXIV Knight in Black could be non-other than FF4's Golbez.