How to get the Blackjack mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Picture of the Blackjack Mount in FFXIV

Picture of the Blackjack Mount in FFXIV

In the Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3, Square added a number of new mounts and minions to the game. One of the most exciting ones is the FFXIV Blackjack mount, a massive, stunning airship. But how do you get this mount? Well, read on. We'll tell you.

The Blackjack mount is a massive multiple-person mount, and if you're a fan of Final Fantasy VI, then this may be a ship you're going to want to pick up. But this incredible vessel comes at a pretty hefty price.

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How do I get the FFXIV Blackjack mount?

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is vast, so there are quite a few places to get all of the new mounts in the 6.3 update.

The Blackjack mount can be found in a pretty popular location - the Gold Saucer. That, for any avid Saucer visitors, is enough to signal the method. For those who don't frequent its halls, however, your greatest fear has been realised.

The FFXIV Blackjack mount.
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To get the FFXIV Blackjack mount, you'll need to purchase the Blackjack Identification Key from Prize Claim counter III. It's a whopping 4,000,000 MGP (yes, that's million).

Once you're there, you'll locate the item and purchase it for a whopping 4,000,000 MGP. That's quite a bit of game centre cash to have sitting around. If you're needing to pick up some extra, there are a few things that you can do.

If you want to farm up some MGP but you're not in a hurry, chipping away at a few key tasks each week will eventually get you your own Blackjack mount.

The weekly Fashion Report is a great way to get a good injection of MGP each week, for example. For a few more pointers, check out the guide how to get MGP fast. It's designed for the Make It Rain campaign that boosts MGP rewards, but we might not be seeing that event again any time soon.

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