How to get the FFXIV Pupu minion in patch 6.2

The original PuPu artwork over a FFXIV location.

The original PuPu artwork over a FFXIV location.

Looking to get your hands on a new minion in FFXIV 6.2? Here's how to get the FFXIV Pupu minion and add it to your collection. It's one of many new miniature pets you can pick up with this patch: which is made all the better by the ability to let them loose on your new Island Sanctuary gifted to you by your organisation's treasurer, accountant, and savvy sewing businesswoman friend Tataru.

After all the teases and hopeful players superimposing the little alien's spaceship into the background of the Sea of Clouds seven years ago, Final Fantasy VIII's Elixer-loving martian has finally made its debut on Ethyris: or its moon, at least.

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How to get the FFXIV Pupu minion in patch 6.2

If you're frantically scrambling to work out how to get the PuPu minion in FFXIV after seeing it do the rounds on Reddit, there's a good chance you're already partially out of luck.

The reason for that is simple: PuPu was teased in a returning questline in the last patch, meaning anyone far enough through it to get the minion probably already picked it up following the FFXIV 6.2 maintenance.

For the rest of us, though, it just means catching up on (or starting) the Hildebrand quests. These tongue-in-cheek capers were introduced back in A Realm Reborn before eventually taking a break. With Endwalker, though, the gentleman and his chaotic crew return, eventually ending up on the moon of all places.

It's up there that you'll find the PuPu minion. Go through enough of the questline - and the new steps introduced in this patch - and you'll come across the little alien that fans of FFVIII know so dearly.

The squiggly-eyed Pikmin prototype can be added to your minion collection, where you're free to make it sprint its heart out as run along in your adventures, fight for you in Lords of Verminion, or set loose in your Island Sanctuary.

Grabbing the silly little bean doesn't require much more than completing the quest chain up until its current culmination. For those who get stuck into the Hildebrand questline in the last expansion, you should be able to catch up in an evening. If you've never picked them up, however, be ready for a lengthy expedition with a bunch of unique (and annoying) trials you likely didn't know existed.

With that, we've covered the PuPu minion location in FFXIV and gone over what you need to know to get your very own PuPu minion to play around with. For more guides, check out the FFXIV 6.2 quest locations list if you're missing an unlock.

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