FFXIV Fell Court of Troia boss guide - all moves and dungeon strats

The Fell Court of Troia in FFXIV.

The Fell Court of Troia in FFXIV.

If you've kicked off the latest FFXIV patch by jumping straight into the story, you might need this Fell Court of Troia boss guide to see you through to the end. Whether you're with NPCs or PCs, making mistakes costs lives, and some of the boss strategies can be a little hard to understand. Here's the how-to.

As part of the FFXIV 6.2 main scenario questline, you're sent straight into the Fell Court of Troia by Varshan's private void gate. The grand castle plays hosts to Voisent both smart and dumb, with each having the same directive - to gobble you up.

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Evil Dreamer

  • Void Gravity - straight-firing beams from heads along the outer edge
  • Unite Mare - Large circular attacks. Take up the entire arena until one Evil Dreamer head is defeated
  • Endless Nightmare - Enrage timer. Defeat the large head to stop.

If you blitzed your way through the mob packs at the start in one fell swoop (get the pun there?) you're likely more than ready to take on this boss. In actulity, this one harkens back to other voidsent bosses from dungeons like Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard) and The Lost City of Amdapor by way that it's a gauntlet run through and through.

90 percent of the battle will be against a growing number of relatively weak enemies. All the tank needs to do is rotate through their area attacks to keep aggro while the healer simply lets regen effects do their work, freeing the team up to spam area attacks to their heart's content. White Mages, now's the time to "waste" those blooms and feed that Blood Lily. You'll get plenty of mileage out of Aflutus Misery here.

Evil Dreamer's moves in FFXIV.
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Between the first pack, all you really need to watch for are the Evil Dreamer heads occasionally darted to fill the outer edge of the arena. They'll blast lasers from one quarter of it, covering alternate sides with their energy before joining the fight.

The second lot of heads will create wide blast fields all around the arena, leaving smaller sections safe between them along the outer edge. Split up and away from your allies to avoid stacking your personal markers on top of each other and get back to work bashing skulls.

The next transition sees heads line up at the north to fire their beams south. Before that resolves, though, more Evil Dreamers adorn the battlefield and begun casting large area attacks. Take the team to either the east or west and burst down a head to create a safe spot before they finish their Unite Mare cast - clever.

Blow down the remaining dozen heads with your area attacks to trigger a last-ditch attempt where they unite and begin casting Endless Nightmare.

While you focus your efforts on the big head, smaller heads will begin casting smaller area attacks around the battlefield, but tethered heads casting even bigger ones when they join with their central unit. Position accordingly, burst down the large Evil Dream, and you'll be on your way.

Beatrice in FFXIV.
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  • Hush - Tank buster.
  • Beafic Scorn - marks four areas of the map in sequence, exploding each in turn.
  • Voidshaker - strikes one quarter of the area and drops markers on each player.
  • Eye of Troia - party-wide area attack followed by eye-adorned rings
  • Toric Void - summons two lots of eye rings at opposite sides of the arena in sequence.

Beatrice makes use of come creative "look away" spells, so you'll want to watch out for that iconic eyeball motif throughout. You'll get a simple taste of this when a ring - with eyes on all cardinal directions - closes in on the boss, triggering a "Look Away" effect when it reaches them. Just turn away at the boss at the time to avoid the gaze. The ring itself doesn't count.

After that, watch for where it casts Beafic Scorn. Each of its four eye beams scars the ground, causing multiple circle AoE effects to trigger from them in sequence. The trick is to get close to the first so that you won't be hit, then simply move into it as it resolves, avoiding the next three by proxy.

Beatrice's moves in FFXIV.
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Here's where things get a little tricky. After casting Voidshaker (a quarter-wide hit followed by individual markers) and Hush (a tank buster), Beatrice doubles up on the Look Away rings, casing Toric Void to detonate the outer edge of the arena as you scramble to avoid a nasty hit.

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In this case, rings go out in two packs of two, making opposite sides safe or dangerous. Just stay in the middle and face away from the first two set to trigger, then turn 45 degrees either way to avoid the next two. Every player then spreads to avoid stacking their markers, and you're done. Esuna the Doom from anyone who got caught out, though.

The next Beafic Scorn to go out comes with a stack marker that resolves before Scorn even finishes its setup, so deal with that in the centre as normal. With that, you've seen pretty much everything. Just burst her down and be done with it.

Scarmiglione in FFXIV.
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  • Firedamp - Tank buster.
  • Cursed Echo - party-wide hit with Bleed.
  • Rotten Rampage - creates static area attacks under three allies, more elsewhere, and drop markers above the same few. Applied a stack of Brain Rot.
  • Blighted Bedevilment - party-wide damage and a knock-back.
  • Blighted Bladework - Dives the target area, leaving a wide area attack.
  • Blighted Sweep - a 180-degree sweep used from the edge of the arena.
  • Creeping Decay - spawns along the outer edge, becoming invulnerable and summons a pack of Necroserf.

Golbez's first of the famous four, Scarmiglione demonstrates area attacks quickly, with Cursed Echo hitting hard and applying Bleed right out of the gate. Some time later, it casts Rotten Rampage, dropping a series of markers around the arena and tagging the party with more. Find a safe spot, shield up if you can, and eat the drop.

With the walls now blown down, you'll only have a few available left to shield you from the knock-back of Blighted Bedevilment's Vacuum Wave effect. Get knocked into the outer goo and you'll get Toxicosis, which is little more than a glorified Bleed for 15 seconds.

Scarmligione's moves in FFXIV.
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With Blighted Bladework, the boss marks a spot on the outer edge with a line. As it resolves, it dives the area, leaving a large area attack underneath. Just move to the furthest point of the line to avoid it, and sprint to the back of its new position to avoid the cleave from Blighted Sweep as well.

This whole pattern will repeat until Scarmiglione hits 50 percent HP, at which point it respawns along the outer edge, becoming invulnerable and charging Power until its summoned Necroserf pack is defeated, at which point its stored Power damages the whole team.

The faster you defeat the monsters, the less likely you are to die to the resulting blast. It comes in quick waves, so you can shield and heal again between the first and final hit if you're quick enough.

After this, the phases repeat indefinitely until you finally put the demon to pasture. With that, you'll have completed the Fell Court of Troia. Grab your loot, say your goodbyes, and you'll stand ready to take on the next part of the main storyline when you leave.

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