How To Get the FFXIV Wall Lean Emote

Final Fantasy XIV is a complex game full of different activities to partake in, and you can tailor your experience according to your preferences whether you choose to engage in dungeons, PVP combat, or alternative game modes. Today we will talk about how to unlock the Wall Lean Emote, a very particular gesture you can use in-game to take great pictures and overall look cool!

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How to Unlock the Final Fantasy XIV Wall Lean Emote?

To unlock this emote, players need to be level 60 or higher, have completed the Main Scenario Quest "Litany of Peace", and complete the following quest:

Towards the Firmament

  • Quest Giver: Recruitment Notice
  • Location: Foundation (9.7, 11.5)

Completing this quest will unlock the Firmament, where you can take special recipe assignments with any Crafting job, or gathering assignments with any Gathering job. These will award you Skybuilders Scrips, which you can change for various items in the Scrip Trader. For 1800 Skybuilders Scrips, you can obtain the Wall Lean Emote.

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How to Use the Final Fantasy XIV Wall Lean Emote?

In your Social Menu, head to Emotes and select the Wall Lean Emote from the list, and voila! You can now lean against the wall in a very cool fashion, excellent to take some pictures in Photo mode.

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