Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Fast And Farm EXP

So, you want to level up in Final Fantasy XIV and you don’t know where to go or what to do? Fear not, my friend, since I’m here to help you. Keep in mind, you still will need to be patient since you won’t reach level 80 in 2 days. But Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of fun Dungeons, Raids, Trials, and more content to play with, so you can employ several methods to make the leveling process more bearable.

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FFXIV Leveling Method #1: Main Scenario Quests

First and foremost, the obvious and more useful resource for leveling up is the Main Scenario Quests. These are the main chain of quests that narrate the story of the base game and its consecutive expansions, and it’s by far the prime source of experience for your first/main class, at least until you’re up to date with the content.

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FFXIV Leveling Method #2: Hunting Logs

Every Basic Class and Grand Company has its own Hunting Log, a special list of enemies that you need to defeat. After you beat a specific number of said enemies, you will get a bunch of EXP Points, usually a good amount. Every Class Hunting Log has 5 Ranks, and the Grand Companies have 3 Ranks. The list goes as follows:

  • Class - Arcanist
  • Class - Archer
  • Class - Conjurer
  • Class - Gladiator
  • Class - Lancer
  • Class - Marauder
  • Class - Pugilist
  • Class - Rogue
  • Class - Thaumaturge
  • Grand Company - Immortal Flames
  • Grand Company - Maelstrom
  • Grand Company - Order of the Twin Adder
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FFXIV Leveling Method #3: Duty Finder - Roulettes

After you reach level 16 with your first class and complete both Sastasha and The Tam-Tara Deepcroft dungeons in the A Realm Reborn Main Scenario, you will unlock the first Duty Roulette, called Leveling. This roulette is a randomizer that cycles through various dungeons, and once you beat the one you got, you obtain a daily reward that depends on your character's level at the time of signing up.

Players that are not at maximum level will receive experience points along with Company Seals and Gil. They will also get an additional experience bonus, based on the difference between their actual level and the level of the dungeon or trial completed, with a further amount given based on the character's actual level, thus making it extremely useful for leveling up.

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FFXIV Leveling Method #4: Deep Dungeons - Palace of The Dead/Heaven on High

There are two Deep Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV, called Palace of The Dead and Heaven on High, that not only reward your character with EXP but also help you to obtain various items and even mounts, depending on your level of progression. However, the progress in these dungeons is independent of the rest of the game and you only have two slots to save your character data in them, so choose wisely unless you’re ready to lose your data very often. That being said, this method is kinda obsolete since the EXP bonus isn’t that great.

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FFXIV Leveling Method #5: Paying… yes, paying.

If everything else fails, or if you (like me) started your tenth class and now you’re trying to level up everything at once while panicking and crying in the silence of your room, well… you can always pay for it in the Mog Station.

Yes, for a certain amount of money you can get one of your classes leveled up to 70. You will also receive its equivalent gear set, 500k of Gil, and all the related class quests done up to that point. However, if you want to actually learn the class you’re trying to max out, I’d recommend you to not do this, since 70 levels of skills and knowledge being thrown at your face can be overwhelming, and the chances are that you will take even more time learning the class.

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FFXIV Leveling Method #6: Bozjan Southern Front/Zadnor

After you reach level 71, you can approach any of these two zones. Doing the Skirmishes, Critical Engagements, and Dungeons will award you with great amounts of exp, so it’s a great way to reach level 80. However, both Bozja and Zadnor are instanced areas only accessible after ending the main Shadowbringers story, so you won’t see them while leveling your first character, for sure.

So that’s it! You now know the many ways to level up your main character in the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, where you can play through the entirety o- well, you get it.

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